Explore Corsicana January-March 2019 - Page 12

ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT Falls. In 2014, the couple had their son, Bennett. With the family growing and life ever-changing with some of their commercial work becoming non- union, the idea of moving became a reality. After all of the ups and downs, the couple decided to start something they still continue to use even now: a dream board. “The dream board was an idea we had about visualizing our goals,” Julie said. “We would lay out the things we truly desired on the board and medi- tate on them and then, just like that, things started happening.” This is when the couple decided to make their big move and start a new adventure in Julie’s hometown. “I had been kind of thinking about the idea of Corsicana being a possibil- ity,” Julie said. “But I never thought I could get Markus on board so I just kept it to myself. He actually ended up 12 being the one to suggest it and I just ran with it.” Being closer to family, having their children grow up with that small-town feel and being able to make friends and connections made the move easier than ever imagined. “This was an easy decision,” Julie said. “We loved the downtown from meeting with Kyle Hobratschk at 100 West to visiting Mita’s Coffee Lab. We met with some friends including Cran and Frances Dodds who are in the acting community, and with Karie Denny being the Main Street director we felt we were in good hands here.” This lead to their purchase of the space through local Realtor Denise Harper in a building that was the per- fect fit for the future of the couple. Now, as they reflect on their time within the community thus far, the response is overwhelmingly positive. “We are beyond grateful for the support,” Julie said. “Our kids have transitioned well, we are closer to family and we have a space we’ve al- ways dreamed of. Being back here has brought back nostalgia of performing at the Warehouse theater and what that meant to me growing up.” With so much already accom- plished, the couple hopes to continue to bring growth to those who enter the studio, along with entertainment and fun. “Just watching these kids come in and really struggle with speak- ing in front of people or having low self-esteem and seeing them blossom and find their inner confidence after attending our programs is truly amaz- ing,” Markus said. “We just hope that we can continue to bring this kind of thing to the community and grow as a family and as a studio.” For more information on upcoming classes or to schedule an event contact Outside the Lines Creative Studios at www.otlcreativestudios.com. JA -M C A N D A A D E O C R O S R I S A A NA O N CT - D A E R C C H 2 0 2 1 0 8 1 | 9   C | O   C R O S R I C S A I N I L A Y I L S Y U S N U | N E | X E P X L P O L R O E R C C I A C N