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ARTS & ENTERTAINMENT of this came to a stand-still whenever Julie found out she was pregnant and the couple became thrilled with their sights now set on parenthood. “While the pregnancy was unex- pected, we were over the moon,” said Markus. “Julie was able to still book some commercial deals and we were able to spend some time together and prepare for the new addition to our family.” As their daughter Mae was born in 2012, the new life and expenses had them tied to the house and were stressful at certain moments, but the couple made it through. This gave them the chance to produce another film, Get Dead, and continue in the comedy genre. This film, which is available on Amazon Prime, has also won an award for Best Director at the Best Actors Film Festival in 2015. This inspired another film, that is still in the works, called Ophelia Courtesy photo/Jayme Montgomery Courtesy photo/Jayme Montgomery 10 O J C T-D 0 1 2 8 0 | 1 C 9 O | R   C S O I C R A S N I C A A D N A A I L D Y A S I L U Y N S | U   E O P R L E O C R O I C R A S N I A AN M E A C R C 2 H N X | P E L X E R C S O CANA