Expert - Catalogo Geral 2015 Vol1 - Page 49

OPTIMUM STORAGE IN ROLLING CABINETS ORGANISATION Each case is half the size of of the larger sized case. The largest case is sized based on the dimensions of the EXPERT roller cabinets. Ideal for organised storage. STORAGE Set cases can be stored in the drawers easily, open or closed. When open the set cases form ideal drawer modules. OPENING The cases can be opened completely flat. Roller Cabinet drawers can be organised with modules and/or set cases open or closed. HANDY TIP 4 largest cases come with sliding hinge pins which allow the lid and base to be split into 2 parts and used independently. L. 275 x P. 186 x H. 80 mm L. 186 x P. 138 x H. 54 mm L. 137 x P. 94 x H. 31 mm L. 92 x P. 64 x H. 31 mm 49