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Experiential Learning Project Profile To GH01-006 From Myanmar with Love Knowledge About Myanmar, Thai-Burma Border and People There With continuous civil war in Myanmar between different ethnic groups and that of the military government, people are pushed to flee their homeland and many lands along the Thai-Burma border as asylum seekers and/or migrant workers for a better life and living. Education and reconstruction are the two emergent needs that students may contribute. They should also benefit from the activities by contextualizing and applying their knowledge and skills in addressing real life needs and demands. Possible Experiential Learning Activities Students can be first guided to investigate and understand Burmese and refugees’ situations and propose solutions to tackle challenges they face for immediate and long-term recovery. • Education on a wide range of theme and discipline, such as law, journalism, English language, health and business, is fundamentally a necessity for them. Students may conduct small class or group teaching as tutors for the Burmese and refugees according to their discipline and former education. Students may also conduct certain prior teaching study and assessment to determine topics and subjects for teaching. Listed below are some suggestions for considerations.  Journalism – information, censorship, documentary, reporting  Education - language teaching (English and Mandarin), active learning  Law – human rights, refugee law, minority protection, equality, critical thinking  Health - health awareness, minimum medical knowledge, paediatric diseases, dental health  Business – business plan and models, accounting, business communication, entrepreneurship PROJECT LOCATION Myanmar & Thai-Burma Borders COMMUNITY PARTNER Connecting Myanmar KEY AREAS • F rom architectural construction and maintenance to psychological counseling and therapy would also help build the infrastructure for recovery and rehabilitation. Students may also train the trainers to involve Burmese and refugees in the activities so as to develop related skills. Bur