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Experiential Learning Project Profile GH01-005 The Water People Living Museum in Aberdeen Oral History, Cultural Tourism & Social Enterprise Background It is said that the metropolitan Hong Kong grew from a fishing village, but few of us know much about this chapter of Hong Kong’s history. Aberdeen has a long history of fishing with its geographic and sociocultural landscape of a water community. The Living Museum under the “We Are With You Project (WAY)” aims to preserve the cultural heritage of the water community and to share it with the general public. The project is led by Dr. Wong Wai Ling, a leading researcher in oral history in Hong Kong with research interests spanning over oral history, storytelling and community history and gender. In 2014, there was pilot study done on oral history and cultural tourism in its first year of implementation. We have identified remarkable experiential learning project opportunities for faculty and students. PROJECT LOCATION The ground and water areas of Aberdeen Possible Experiential Learning Activities In the next years, the project will continue with doing oral history and cultural tourism, while the incubation of social enterprise emerges to be the next phase of development. • Students could further investigate the history of fisheries and water community; and enrich the oral history archive by conducting more interviews and collecting more stories. They may also develop themes of stories and enrich the archive with different forms and media of artifacts, documentation and presentation. • Students could also design guided tours to introduce Hong Kong’s past and present history through the living cultural heritage and fishing community there to both local visitors and international tourists. Members of the fishing community or students may tell stories of Hong Kong history, development and even interesting personal life stories of the fisheries. HKU WAY Project, Hong Kong Fishermen’s Association, Southern District Women’s Association, Aberdeen Kaifong Association, Caritas KEY AREAS • Students could apply their knowledge and skills by consolidating the project and developing it into a social enterprise with self-sustainable business models and operations to preserve this cultural heritage and support the fisheries and fishing community. Students of culture and heritage, tourism, humanities and social sciences, business, biology, nutritional sciences and others, will work with people from the fishing community in Aberdeen and other community partners to design cultural tours, develop the project into a social enterprise and apply their knowledge and skills for the betterment of the community. COMMUNITY PARTNER Interested faculty members are welcome to contact Amia Cheung, Lecturer of GHELC. Phone: 2219 4877 Email: amia@hku.hk Website: http://ghelc.hku.hk Hong Kong Fisheries History, Fishing and Water People Community, Cultural Heritage, Tourism, Social Innovation, Social Enterprise, Oral History, Story Telling, Narration, Documentation, Social Sciences, Business and Economics