Experiential Learning Project Profiles - Page 7

Experiential Learning Project Profile GH01-004 When Reading Goes Wild An Interdisciplinary Approach to Create and Use Children Picture Books for Learning and Parenting Background A group of parents with questions and doubts on Hong Kong’s education system and conventional parenting practices came together to reimagine and reinvent reading, play and education and formed the HapiSchool. Picture books were used to design activities to engage and enable children and parents’ discussion and reflection on local and global issues such as urban development, fair trade, poverty and aging etc. A series of experiential, collaborative and creative learning and parenting activities were inspired and designed. Possible Experiential Learning Activities There are many experiential learning projects opportunities for multi-disciplinary learning. Students will be facilitated by HapiSchool to collect data for analysis and project evaluation. They can practice knowledge and skills by experimenting new ideas on a range of themes and activities. • Faculty and students are invited to formulate and conduct research to evaluate the impact of HapiSchool’s activities on children, parents, families and communities, etc. • Faculty teaching related disciplines and common core courses may direct students to work individually or collaboratively to  create picture books to express their views and experiences on specific issues based on their research and reflection, and  design games and playful learning activities accordingly to engage both children and parents to understand, discuss and tackle respective issues.  Both teachers, students may assess the quality of picture books and impact of their ideas and works, based on observation and feedback from participants and community partners. • Other possible themes for experiential learning  Reimagine and redesign public playground, public space, toys, playgroup, learning, instructional and curriculum design, parenting and etc. through the projects, network and associated fields of HapiSchool, such as farmland and wood factory. Students will talk to the community partners, parents and children to learn about their creative applicati