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Experiential Learning Project Profile GH01-002 Pokfulam Village About the Village Pokfulam Village is listed in the cultural heritage sites across the world by nonprofit World Monuments Fund. It is an old village located on Hong Kong Island with rich elements for experiential learning. Possible Experiential Learning Activities There are projects where students of specific disciplines may work specifically or collaboratively with students of other disciplines. • Cultural Heritage Preservation vs Urban Development - Students should visit the Village and conduct critical analysis and evaluation of the Village on the issues or debates of urban development or cultural preservation to implement for this old Hong Kong village. • Natural Landscape, Water System, Habitat and Health - Students should observe and investigate the stream habitat and water supply. The Village is a blackspot for flooding but in the past few years, the water flow is declining. PROJECT LOCATION • Government Policy, Land Use and Transportation Planning, Community Interests - Students can discuss and research on the effects on the traffic, transportation, housing, ecological and social environment when Hong Kong Government has decided partially to lift the development moratorium to the south of Pokfulam and Wah Fu Estate for putting forward the South Island Line (West). COMMUNITY PARTNER • Environment, Community Space and Neighbourhood - Due to the lack of sewerage system, waste is a pertient challenge and threat to villagers’ daily life, health and neighborhood relationships. Students may investigate the situation and apply knowledge to propose solutions. • Culture, Arts and Tourism - Students may research and design tours to preserve and promote the culture and custom of Pokfulam Village. As for the annual spectacular event, Fire Dragon Dance comes with a lot of social and cultural meanings to the villagers. There are also dynamics and changes of these cultural heritages in this metropolitan city subject to appreciation, discussion and preservation. • Biology, Chemistry and Agriculture - An organic farm is available to HKU’s community for research and basic organic farming skills to develop. Students may access the farm or even hands on farming or using the farm for experiments. Students will visit Pokfulam Village and work with the villagers to assess needs and challenges faced. Based on their feedback and with reference to knowledge learnt, students will propose and implement projects and activities that