Experiential Learning Project Profiles - Page 46

Experiential Learning Project Profile CREATING EXTRACURRICULAR LEARNING ACTIVITIES GH07-004 for the underprivileged children in the rural areas of Mainland China Our Social Mission: To improve the education for the poor children in village schools and promote social inclusion and local capacity building. Student Learning: Students will learn to apply education, social work and/or psychology knowledge to analyze and tackle the local problems on child education and propose solutions. They will also strengthen their skills in teamwork and interpersonal communication, while experiencing an exchange in culture. PROJECT LOCATION Guizhou Province, Mainland China COMMUNITY PARTNER HeartFire Education Service KEY AREAS Project Opportunities: • Assess and the current educational materials and extracurricular activities in the village schools. • Design, develop and deliver an improved set of educational materials and extracurricular activities for the school children. • Plan, organize and implement a learning trip for children. • Raise the public awareness about the importance of the project. • Develop and implement a system to collect insights for the project. Children, Education, Social Work, Psychology, Social Problems, Social Inclusion, Poverty Alleviation, Cultural Exchange, Community Capacity Building, Rural Areas of Mainland China Interested faculty members are welcome to contact Dr. Dennis Cheung, Lecturer of GHELC Phone: 2219 4828 Email: denniskk@hku.hk Website: http://ghelc.hku.hk