Experiential Learning Project Profiles - Page 45

Experiential Learning Project Profile GH07-003 EMPOWER OUR CHILDREN! USING VISUAL ARTS For Child Development In Tin Shui Wai Our Social Mission: To facilitate child empowerment and development, and to make a happy and healthy Tin Shui Wai community by creating a knowledge and positive energy transfer platform. Student Learning: Students will learn about using visual arts as a tool for child and community work. Visual arts are a barrier-free means to arouse interest, create happiness, draw attention and encourage involvement of people. Project Opportunities: • Design interesting and interactive in-class and out-of-classroom visual arts learning activities for children. • Outreach to Tin Shui Wai to conduct the activities for a group of underprivileged children. • Create art works joyfully with the children, one-on-one take care of the children, exchange inspiration and positive energy with them. • Empower the children with art abilities and promote life value, such as respect and responsibility. • Enhance the children’s self-esteem, confidence, team-working and communication skills through the activities. • Organize the trained children to visit a social service center to create art works together with the elderly who suffer from long-term illness. • Facilitate the children to transfer their visual arts knowledge and positive energy to the elderly through interactive activities. • The elderly will also share their interesting life stories with the children and students. • The whole process allows all participants to better understand each other and create mutual respect and support. The art works created will be given to the children and the elderly as gifts for memory. PROJECT LOCATION Tin Shui Wai, Hong Kon