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Experiential Learning Project Profile GH06-007 PEER SUPPORT for the prevention of drug and alcohol misuse Our Social Mission: To find out and reduce young adults’ risktaking attitudes and behaviors in using drugs and alcohol. Student Learning: Students will learn about the current trends in substance use, application of research skills to develop tools and conduct needs assessment, and development of public education programme targeted to young adults in university. PROJECT LOCATION HKU campus, Hong Kong Project Opportunities: • Design and conduct an assessment on university peers about their risks in drug and alcohol misuse, knowledge gaps related to the substance use, and the service and support needed for prevention. • Develop an innovative evidence-based harm-reduction programme, which include development of resources, education strategies, tools and campaign, in response to the findings from the assessment and under the supervision of KELY Support Group. • Be trained as peer educators for substance misuse prevention, and help recruit and train a group of peer champions in the university to join delivering the programme on campus. COMMUNITY PARTNER KELY Support Group KEY AREAS Drug & Alcohol Misuse, Risky Behaviors, Assessment Tools, Peer Education, Campaign, Programme Development Interested faculty members are welcome to contact Dr. Dennis Cheung, Lecturer of GHELC Phone: 2219 4828 Email: denniskk@hku.hk Website: http://ghelc.hku.hk