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Experiential Learning Project Profile Platforms and Opportunities for Social Innovation GH01-001 Background Social enterprise and innovation are emerging trends bringing changes to different parts of the world through innovative ideas and solutions that address social needs and demands with financial sustainability. Our community partner, Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) offers our students some experiential learning opportunities to have hands on devising plans and projects to develop better knowledge and skills of social enterprises and innovation. Possible Experiential Learning Activities Students would have closer contacts communicating and working with social innovators and a wide range of community stakeholders such as people with disabilities, underprivileged children or children from family of lower socio-economic status, single-parent family, and others. Highlighted below are some of the possible projects and experiential learning activities. • Investigate and redesign the living space and daily activities of co-habiting families  Light Be and Light Home promotes affordable housing services to alleviate poverty of single-parent family. • Design interesting and engaging topics and activities for children  Playtao Foreverland provides school-based afterschool program for children from grassroots families. • Suggest cultural rich and interesting tours for people who have to travel with their wheel chairs, by themselves or with their caregivers  Diamondcab is the first barrier-free taxi service provider that runs on 24 hours call center in HK. • There are other projects relating to both local and global issues and campaigns such as environmental sustainability, poverty and aging, etc. Students can model or base on the existing platforms to design new campaigns. Students will work with social entrepreneurs and innovators to discuss and review different strategies and practices. They will have opportunities to contact targeted beneficiaries to understand their needs and interests. Students will also propose and experiment creative marketing campaigns or new ideas for social services and goods. PROJECT LOCATION Various Indoor locations of Hong Kong COMMUNITY PARTNER Social Ventures Hong Kong (SVhk) KEY AREAS Social Innovation, Social Needs, Social Enterprise, Underprivileged Children, Single-parent Family, Poverty, Aging, Disability, Green, Lifestyle, Living Space, Co-habiting, Cultural Tour, Supplemental Instruction, Business Model, Sustainability, Creativity, Business Development Interested faculty members are welcome to contact Amia Cheung, Lecturer of GHELC. Phone: 2219 4877 Email: amia@hku.hk Website: http://ghelc.hku.hk