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Experiential Learning Project Profile GH06-006 ENHANCING REHABILITATION SERVICES FOR THE HANDICAPPED IN NANKANG! Program Development, Volunteer Training and Client Recruitment PROJECT LOCATION Nankang, Beihai City, Guangxi, China COMMUNITY PARTNER Living Stones Village (LSV) KEY AREAS Our Social Mission: To expand and enrich the rehabilitation services for the poor people with mental and physical disability in order to meet the local community needs. Student Learning: Students will learn to apply their knowledge and skills in different kinds of therapies to develop rehabilitation services. Project Opportunities: • Design client-specific physical therapy, music therapy, dance therapy and/or speech therapy programmes for the disabled young adults. • Train volunteers and staff to use basic therapy skills. • Design a day care programme of entertainment and wellness for the elderly. • Recruit clients to the rehabilitation and daycare programmes. • Provide suggestions to LSV. Service Review & Advisory, Rehabilitation Service Enhancement, Physical Therapy, Music Therapy, Dance Therapy, Speech Therapy, Volunteer Training Interested faculty members are welcome to contact Dr. Dennis Cheung, Lecturer of GHELC Phone: 2219 4828 Email: denniskk@hku.hk Website: http://ghelc.hku.hk