Experiential Learning Project Profiles - Page 23

Experiential Learning Project Profile GH04-001 MAKE A READING CITY! Organizing Neighborhood Carnivals For Book Reading & Recycling Our Social Mission: To organize “Bring A Book & Share” in shopping malls and neighborhood venues to encourage donation of books for re-sale at charity prices. Old books are therefore passed on and resources are shared in an environmentally friendly way. Book talks and other activities are also staged to promote reading culture. It nurtures future book lovers, of any ages, by offering people free and accessible venues to enjoy reading books. It also makes books a lot more accessible to the underprivileged communities. Student Learning: Students will learn how to run and enhance the programme for promoting the reading culture of our city. Project Opportunities: • Further develop the current programme by organizing mini readers’ carnivals in different districts. • Identify the right neighborhood. • Collect used books, price and categorize them. • Liaise with the venue owners. • Set up venues to let book lovers come to read and/or buy the recy