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Experiential Learning Project Profile GH01-013 Heritage Revitalisation: Converting the Old Dairy Farm Senior Staff Quarters into a Living Museum, The Pokfulam Farm Background The Old Dairy Farm Senior Staff Quarters will once ignite the light of the whole cultural landscape in Pokfulam Farm. Centuries ago, the steep seaside slopes were turned into foreign style natural landscape with cattle herds raised and food enterprise established. It attracted an influx of people to Pokfulam Village and turned it into a vibrant district marketplace. Caritas Hong Kong has successfully received government supports to revitalize the Braemar, built in 1887 and is the only surviving monument out of the six Senior Staff Quarters owned by Dairy Farm. The revitalization project will conserve the style, material, structure and landscape setting of the old architecture and its history, memories, sentiments and intangible influences towards the society and community. It is also in the hope of strengthening the developing the Pokfulam Village as a sustainable community. Possible Experiential Learning Projects and Activities In collaboration with Caritas, there is a wide range of projects students could participate to apply their knowledge and skills and contribute ideas and efforts to this meaningful heritage revitalization scheme. 1. Architectural Restoration and Conservation – use original forms, materials, and craftsmanship in the restoration works so as to restore the original visual impression of the building; remove the later constructed structures to restore the original Verandah, main entrance and main building; observe and conform present ordinances and regulations for additions of new structures transforming old residence for visitor accommodation. 2. Community Archives – collect and archive oral histories, antiques, and old documents from the old villagers and staff for publication, exhibition and other creative presentations at the site and/or virtually. 3. Docent Tours – research and design thematic trails for students and general public; curate and conduct a variety of cultural, culinary and educational workshops. 4. A Community-based Enterprise – harvest on the cultural capital to generate creative ideas and business models to advise the community to establish and operate the enterprise; transfer knowledge and skills to empower the villagers and strengthen local economy and employment. 5. A New Dairy Farm – conduct research and propose ideas t