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Experiential Learning Project Profile GH01-009 EMPOWERING Elderly Volunteers & Learners Background Diversified learning programmes and activities designed and conducted by HKU students are welcome in order to encourage more elderly people to broaden their knowledge and social network. In the spirit of aging well & active and for the pursuit of intergeneration, the New Territories West Elder Academies Cluster (NTWEAC) established since 2011 has already had over 40 associated networks in the region to provide courses and workshops for elderly people. In addition, there is a group of 60 elderly volunteers who would outreach to the communities to do services for other people, in particular the elderly in elderly centers and homes for the aged. Possible Experiential Learning Projects and Activities Students from different disciplines are welcome to apply and transfer their knowledge and skills through designing and conducting training and development workshops to the elderly volunteers and learners. Either a single workshop or a series of workshops can be proposed to offer. The exact form of training and exchange can be in a typical workshop setting or visit, high table dinner, forum, indoor or outdoor activities and etc. There are three major focuses of activities to be considered. • Direct training to elderly learners • Train the elderly trainers or volunteers • Knowledge and experience exchange with elderly people All aspects of life concerning elderly people living in modern society could be topics and contents for workshops and training. A wide range of topics is welcome such as physical and mental health, information technologies literacy, music, arts and crafts, literature, personal finance, interpersonal skills, household renovation, interior design, cultural heritage and tourism, volunteer training, life story telling and exchange, etc. Students from different disciplines may also collaborate for multi-disciplinary and interdisciplinary learning and collaboration. Summary Students can design and conduct training workshops and learning activities to enable elderly people living in the west of New Territories to continuously learn and adapt to a rapidly changing world. Some of the elderly people are volunteers who are actively involved in services for other elderly people living in elderly centers or home for the aged. Knowledge transfer activities directly for elderly people or as training for the trainers are welcome. PROJECT LOCATION Mainly in region of New Territories West COMMUNITY PARTNER New Territories West Elder Academies Cluster (NTWEAC) KEY AREAS elderly learners, elderly volunteer, training, lifelong learning, aging, social network, knowledge exchange, knowledge transfer, workshops, multidiscipline, inter-discipline, intergeneration, health, interest, leisure, culture, IT, ICT Interested faculty members are welcome to contact Amia Cheung, Lecturer of GHELC Phone: 2219 4877 Email: amia@hku.hk Website: http://ghelc.hku.hk