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Experiential Learning Project Profile GH01-008 Live a Healthy Life at Kwun Lung Background Kwun Lung Lau is a public housing estate in the Central and Western district of Hong Kong. 24% of its residents aged above 60, this high portion of elderly residents implies an increasing healthcare need. Moreover, most elders contacted are suffering from deteriorating body functions, chronic diseases and have weak social network. In recent years, about 500 new families moved into Kwun Lung Lau, in which 500 children are aged below 12. Due to financial consideration and lack of knowledge on nutrition, these underprivileged families mainly eat fast food. Possible Experiential Learning Projects and Activities 1. “Health Ambassadors” • Equip residents with medical, nutritional and physical fitness knowledge to train them as “Health Ambassadors” to provide information on health, medical, food nutrition, healthy cooking; and physical