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Regional History

Whitehouse, at the epicenter of the Anthony Wayne region is located in the northwestern part of the State of Ohio. The region can be considered as a suburb of the City of Toledo in Lucas County. During the American Revolution, Army General Anthony Wayne led the Battle of Fallen Timbers as an assault against the Indian Confederacy. The US forces won and subsequently, the war ended.

Around this time, Gen. Wayne successfully negotiated the Treaty of Greenville between the tribal confederacy and the United States, signed on August 3, 1975. The treaty marked a significant milestone as it cleared the way for the State of Ohio to enter the Union in 1803.

The region is encompassed of seven communities, such as: Whitehouse, Monclova Township, The City of Waterville, Waterville Township, Swanton Township, Neapolis and Providence Township. The Village of Whitehouse has a population of 4,149 and 31,603 through out the Anthony Wayne region.

Our region offers among the most efficient business access to customers and suppliers in North America, located within 1,000 kilometers of 62 percent of all U.S. and Canadian manufacturing locations. Our region is served by a world-class transportation system that includes interstate highways, international and domestic airports, class I railroads, and navigable waterways leading to the Saint Lawrence Seaway.

Northwest Ohio is located on the shores of Lake Erie at the mouth of the Maumee River. This unique location provides the region with the benefits of a Great Lake community and an abundance of rivers and streams. The fresh water provided by Lake Erie is a resource for industry, a basis for recreation, and a necessity to sustain life.

Within the Northwest Ohio region land is available for development in urban, suburban, and rural settings. Due to the rich soil of the area agriculture still flourishes in the region and most areas planned for development have easy access to utilities.

The region has immediate and responsive access to air transportation. Our region sits in the shadow of Detroit's international airport; is home to Toledo Express Airport; a smaller, friendlier facility; and has Metcalf Executive Field for many private aviators.

Whitehouse is conveniently accessible through major highways, Interstate 75, Interstate 475 and Route 24. It is considered a suburb of Toledo with a country setting. Spacious lands and quiet suburban communities are two of the most appealing characteristics of the region.