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Whitehouse was founded on July 5, 1864 and was officially recorded. The Village was laid out by John Osborn, a director of the railroad. Edward Whitehouse, Treasurer of the Wabash Railroad, and his wife, along with John Osborn, donated the land for the Village Green. This area is now called Whitehouse Village Park. The Quarry was another cornerstone of development in early days and was opened in 1860. Later, it was filled with water and served as a swimming pool for residents.

Early roads in Whitehouse and the surrounding areas were made of sand, clay, or planks. This made travel very difficult and often horses became stuck in the clay or mud. The early stone roads were Route 2, Monclova Road, and Weckerly Road. When automobiles were invented, this mode of transportation had a difficult time staying on the stone road, and got stuck in the clay ditches.