Exhibition World Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 71

Technology The power of social Earlier this year, Easyfairs announced that it would be rolling out Gleanin’s social referral platform across its international trade event portfolio, EW caught up with the organiser and tech company to find out more - Interview by Nicola Macdonald Getting attendees to an event is the goal of every event organiser, but each has their own unique way of approaching the issue. For Alison Church, marketing director – UK & Global at Easyfairs, as soon as she first heard about social registration referral she thought it seemed like a really powerful way of tapping into the networks of potential visitors. Social referral is a plug-in into the registration process, allowing a visitor who signs up via social media to see who else in their network is attending and invite their social connections. After talking with several providers, Church chose Gleanin to implement the tool across several of its shows. “Not only did it allow social referrals, but also email referrals, which we found worked really well and were the biggest chosen way of sharing,” she tells EW. “Above all, however, it was the flexibility and agility of the team there; when we were considering who we wanted to use across all our events, I sat down with Tamar and discussed a couple of limitations we had found in our trials; we came up with a few ideas, which were implemented within a month or two by her development team. And ever since, the team has constantly been churning out new developments. It’s hard to find partners as quick to react as that.” “We are very hot on our customer service and we try to work really closely with our customers,” adds w w w.exhibitionworld.co.uk Gleanin CEO Tamar Beck. “We’re a small team but we’re very quick; all we do is this so it’s in our interests to ensure that anything which improves results is implemented quickly.” Gleanin’s work across Easyfairs’ events has expanded since the two companies started working together in 2015. The social referral plat f&Ц2rVVFVB7&72fW SV7f'>( WfVG2F&VvW@FRv&BFRf'7Bbb#FR&v6W"6rfW&vRb@W"6VBbf6F"&R&Vv7G&G0&VfW'&rWfVG2FFV"6F7G0"WGv&2FW6RGW&fPFVƗfW&VBfW&vRbVvBW"6V@b&Vv7G&F2f"FR'FfƖ( vV2RbFRvW7@F&V7FǒGG&'WF&R&Vv7G&F6W&6W2f"W"6w2( 6FVW06W&6( BǒFBF6P&Vv7G&F26fW'BBvW"&FRञ( fW'V6Gf6FR`&VfW'&&WFsvRprvVBv&2FP67VW"v&B6N( 27W'&6RFBB6FVƗfW &W7VG2W"#$"WfVG2( ХvVvVv&0vFWr7W7FW"FP6B&R&gFFR&Vv7G&FV&W'0g&&WfW2V'2( vBvRFr2W W&f&6RBvB6ƖVB6VBWV7BW2FFVƗfW"2W&6VFvR`FV"FF&Vv7G&F( Ю( Ğ( fW'V6Gf6FPb&VfW'&&WFsvRprvVBv&0FP67VW v&B6N( 27W'&6PFBB6FVƗfW &W7VG2W"#$ WfVG>( Ю( 2Ɨ66W&66R62( vR&V6&W &W7VG2WfW'vVVv7BFR6WFVBWfVG2FvfW&vRBFN( 2vW&RvR6W@WfW'^( 2WV7FF2( vFV7f'2v^( fR&VVFrvV&V6W6RFV"WfVG2vW@W6WF&W7VG2V7f'2&PVFR&r7FF&F6FvVFWfB6WFrFBv&0FW&BWBFW&RRbW &W7BWW2bFBBv^( &P&WGG7W&RFBFRv&W7VG0&RFvFfW'7FF&F6V@6WBW( Ф22gFVFR66RvFFV6FPV&W'2F( BƖRvWFW"N( 2f"FR&V6W@f'v&B'&V6"6WFp&R'67W&RFR'FW'6&WGvVVvVBV7f'026W'Fǒ&GV6p&W76fR&W7VG2ग77VRP#c