Exhibition World Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 43

Russia others, plus the FIFA World Cup 2018 that took place across 11 cities. After seven months of activity, Kalachev’s RCB has already gained 56 members – including regional convention bureaux, venues, PCOs, destination management companies and transport service providers, and is targeting more. “By the end of 2018 we aim to have 100 members,” he says. Kalachev’s team is already in the fast lane: “We have already started work with international associations and submitting bids for international events in Russia. Three winning bids to hold international events have already been scored,” he revealed. w w w.exhibitionworld.co.uk RUSSIAN INDUSTRY DEVELOPMENT: From success in Sochi to silver birches, Russia can be an enigma for some, but is an exhibition opportunity for many. • The 2017 Eurofairs statistics report that in 2017, 139 exhibitions were held in 13 cities and accounted for 930,000sqm of space with 2.6m visitors registering to attend. • There are 28 major venues in Russia, with a total of 768,726sqm of indoor exhibiton space (as listed in the UFI World Map of Exhibition Venues). The top three are Crocus Expo (226,399sqm) and Expocentre Moscow (105,000), followed by ExpoForum St Petersburg (50,000 sqm). • The UFI Barometer shows that a majority of Russian organisers expect increasing revenues, both in the 2nd half of 2018 and in 2019, with 85% forecasting a stable operating profi t. This indicates that, after some diffi cult years, the Russian exhibition industry is stable again. Issue 5 2018 41