Exhibition World Issue 5 - 2018 - Page 36

Big Interview President elect Following this year’s UFI Congress in Russia, Craig Newman from the Johannesburg Expo Centre will begin his tenure as UFI president. EW caught up with him to hear his aims and ambitions - Interview by Mike Fletcher What learnings from the past 12 months will you bring with you into this role as UFI president? The Johannesburg Expo Centre (JEC) hosted the Global Congress in 2017 and has benefi tted from UFI membership since January 2010. It is a great honour to have been nominated as the fi rst African UFI president and, from our region’s perspective, it is a huge step forward. In my role as incoming UFI president over the last 12 months, I have understood that I will be representing not only the Middle East and Africa but also UFI on a global scale. Effective communication skills and diplomacy, together with high commitment to the UFI association and our strategy (Promote, Inform and Network) will be crucial in my role as the 2019 UFI president. What does it mean to you personally to become the fi rst African UFI president? From talking to past UFI presidents, I can see that chairing this wonderful association has been a highlight of their lives, and it most certainly is something very special for me. It really is an honour to have been selected and I intend to fulfi l my presidential tasks, represent the 34 Issue 5 2018 association in all offi cial activities, and be invested with full power to do so. And just as every president brings a special perspective from their nation’s heritage and culture, so will I with my own history and experiences. There is lots of room for Africa to grow in the exhibition industry, as we demonstrated with the Global Congress last November in Johannesburg. CRAIG NEWMAN - A BRIEF HISTORY Currently CEO of the Johannesburg Expo Centre since 1 June, 2006 Occupied leadership Tell us a little bit about you? I’m a father of three, an outdoors person and I love to travel. I keep fi t and enjoy running marathons when I get the chance. I love what I do and I get to meet interesting people all the time and work with a fantastic ѕ) ЁѥݥѠɥ́)䁥́ɕݡЁӊéи)ͥѥ́)MѠɥ)5% )ͥ)Mٕѡ)ɐѡ)ᡥѥ)ٕЁͽѥ)Mѡɸ)]ȁѵЁ݅)չЁ啅Ȱȁɕ)Սܰݡ݅́U$ɕͥ)ЁѡЁѥ͍ɥԁ̃a)ѥd]Ёѥݔ)Ёɥȁɕͥ)!éɥаЁ'eͼa)ͥd ͔ݡѕٕȁԁ)ԁЁͥєЁЁ)݅ЁѼЁɥи5䃾Ёѥٔ)́ѼɔѡЁ$ɕɕ͕Ёѡ)U$ͽѥ́مՕ́ѥɕ)$ݥͼɔѡЁѡ5)Ёɥݡɕɕ͕)ɕЁѕѥȁ䁕ᡥѽȰɔ)ٽٕѡᡥѥ䁽)͍%ɕЁѡ̰ݔ)ٔѼɥ܁U$)ɕȁȁѡ5)ɥݽɭЁѡ )Չ]ɔѼ)ɕɕЁɥ)ݔ͍͕ٔ)ѥȁѡɕ$)፥ѕѼɥٔѡ́ɕéɕ͕)݅ɐȁU$)ɥ))YՔմ)ɵ)aM ɐ()ѕѼѡ) ɐ)ɕѽ́ЁU$))!܁ݽձԁ͍ɥɥe)ɕЁхѡ)ᡥѥݽɱ)Qɔ́Ёչхɭ)ѕѥɥ́ɥͥ)ѕɹѥɝ͕́ɔ)ɕЁͥ́ѡɔɕ丁MѠ)ɥ́ѡɭи)ɑѼѡѕЁU$) ɽѕȰɽչȁЁ)MѠɥᡥѥ)ЁѼɽ܁ѡȁɕٕՕ́ѡ+Ё䰁ȁ)Ёѡȁɿ́Ѽɕ͔)ٕȀȁЁѡ́啅ȸ) Ёɥ̀Ёչɥ́ѡɕ)ȁɕ̸ЁɽMѠɥ)MՈMɅɥȁ)́ѥٕиѡ)܁܁ܹᡥѥݽɱ