Exhibition World Issue 4 2017 - Page 46

Technology Feature App-ropriate technology Choosing technologies for your exhibitions is not easy, with organisers unsure what’s been tried and tested. Event Tech Lab’s James Morgan gives his app tips What is Event Tech Lab? Event Tech Lab is a partnership community of event tech start-ups from around the world. The lab helps new technology providers get noticed and used by exhibition organisers and other event professionals. Some of the technologies are suited to consumer exhibitions and trade shows. The lab has had these applications tested for reliability. This round-up of newer technologies is looked at through three different perspectives - the organiser, the exhibitor and the attendee. 46 Issue 4 2017 Organiser Apps Exhibition organisers will be using a variety of technologies to manage production and logistics, marketing and management of an exhibition. Often these technologies are never seen fron و\K]\[YH[[\˜\Z[XY\[[[H[^X][ۈ^\Y[H\[\ݚYB[^H][YHX[H܈ܙ[\\˂\]][[H]ܛH\\YX[YHHY[YHو][Y\˜]^X][ۜ܈\H][ˈX[[HۈHY\\]HZ[H[\ۘ[X܈^X][ۈܙ[\\˜[ZHY[YHوHY[YKYXY[X[\[H]\\\HXY\[YYH[\˂X[UX[H\YݚYH[[\X]H\^Hو[ܛX][ۈKˈB][\ ܈[X\܈][[œHZ[[\YYX[YYXKHX[[\X]HܙY[[[H[Y^X]ܜ[ܙX\B˙^X][۝ܛ ˝Z