Exhibition World Issue 2 — 2019 - Page 39

Advertising feature Increased tradeshow success with Scan2Lead’s digital lead retrieval solution can2Lead is regarded as the industry standard for digital lead retrieval in the European exhibition industry. For more than 12 years, world leading tradefairs, including bauma, BAU, drupa and ISPO, rely on Scan2Lead and over 10,000 exhibitors have used Scan2Lead up to now. With its innovative digital lead retrieval products, Scan2Lead supports exhibitors in increasing the success of their tradeshow participation and helps them to turn exhibiting at an event into a measurable marketing and revenue channel. A tradefair-specific solution until now, Scan2Lead is now releasing a new product at the end of April 2019: With Scan2Lead 365 exhibitors can now capture their tradeshow leads digitally at all their tradeshows worldwide: By providing badge scanning and business card capture, Scan2Lead 365 offers exhibitors an innovative, simple and intuitive app for their smartphone or tablet (iOS/Android). Exhibitors receive their visitors’ data in real-time and can immediately qualify their leads by taking notes or using their pre-defined lead form. In addition, the attachment of pictures is possible and voice recognition can be used. The centrepiece of Scan2Lead 365 is its web-based PORTAL which is the exhibitor’s key administration tool: All data is saved automatically and in real-time in the PORTAL and can be accessed, edited and exported at all times. An interface to the exhibitor’s own systems is also possible. Furthermore, the exhibitor sets up w w w.exhibitionworld.co.uk What makes Scan2Lead 365 unique? • Established as a proven and stable service for more than 12 years • The world’s leading tradeshows and over 10,000 exhibitors rely on Scan2Lead • Fair and flexible pay-per-use price model • Professional and individual customer service via multiple channels • Can easily be extended with the entire Scan2Lead product portfolio and to scan barcodes • Customised for exhibitor needs, easy to use and universally applicable • Highest data protection and GDPR compliance Scan2Lead – a brand of adventics GmbH Pilgersheimer Str. 62, 81543 Munich, Germany Tel.: +49 89 4444 33 111 support@scan2lead.com www.scan2Lead.com all events at which Scan2Lead will be used, assigns the respective booth staff and can prepare individual lead forms. To make exhibiting at an event measurable and to document the success of the tradeshow participation, Scan2Lead provides various reports at the push of a button which lay the foundation for data- based decisions. By providing data in real-time which is already qualified and digital, Scan2Lead enables quicker and individual follow-ups which increase the probability of an order and the ROI of exhibiting at the show. Ultimately, the number of orders received determines the success of a tradefair. Issue 2 2019 39