Exhibition World Issue 2 — 2019 - Page 35

Association column Ragin’ Cajun adds to recipe for SISO summit Greg Topalian new Chair of the SISO Board of Directors urges organisers to get involved in the wider industry s the new Chair of SISO (Society for Independent Show Organisers) I’m excited to work with the leadership in the tradeshow industry to innovate, educate and keep pushing our great industry successfully into the future. The opportunity to work with global leaders excites me. And I’m always so impressed with the willingness of our industry leaders to share successes and ideas among colleagues and competitors alike. It’s true industry comradery. Nowhere is this comradery more apparent than at the SISO CEO Summit, which just concluded in Miami at the end of March. It truly is a must-attend event for senior executives in the for-profit tradeshow industry. It’s called the SISO CEO Summit but it’s really for all senior and C-level executives who want to have access to the best content and the highest level networking in our industry. I remember when I was coming up through the industry and being invited to speak at SISO for the first time. I was encouraged by my boss to go and when I went to the SISO CEO Summit that first time I truly felt like I had “arrived”. It’s hard to understand the visibility w w w.exhibitionworld.co.uk Greg Topalian Chair of SISO 2019-2020 and also CEO of Clarion UX in the USA “We should heed our own advice and make sure to participate in our own industry.” More information: www.siso.org and the access the CEO Summit provides for you and your career. We are all in the business of events and we have all built our careers on pushing the value and importance of attending events. We should heed our own advice and make sure to participate in our own industry. SISO exists to make our industry better and to make you better. I speak to people who say I don’t need SISO, I’m not looking for a job. That’s not what SISO is about and not what the SISO CEO Summit is about. Like the best conferences in any industry, I walked away from the SISO CEO Summit once again realising that I didn’t know what I didn’t know, I always learn something at the CEO Summit. And, more importantly, I met people who are going to help me grow my business and ultimately my career. The CEO Summit understands that the networking is key and allows time to gather and not just sit in a theatre. For the first time this year we brought in a political figure for a keynote speaker – James Carville – famous democratic strategist and pundit. He provided both entertainment and interesting insights into what’s happening in our crazy political world. Issue 2 2019 35