Exhibition World Issue 2 — 2019 - Page 21

North America Elon Musk’s company to work on high-speed transport system for Las Vegas he Las Vegas Convention Former FBI agent to head San Diego CC security and beyond. LVCVA President and CEO Steve Hill said: “Our destination thrives on innovation and reinvention and The Boring Company’s concept allows us The San Diego Convention Center Corporation to continue providing the world-class has appointed an ex-FBI special agent to head experience our guests and clients have its security team. Todd Temple started with the Convention come to expect and move people in an efficient and cost-effective manner with Center as the Director of Public Safety and advanced technology.” Guest Services on 2 April and replaces Josh Layne, who has left after 12 years of service. Currently in the midst of an expansion, and Visitors Authority the Convention Center will span 200 (LVCVA) has recommended acres when complete in time for CES Special Event Coordinator of the FBI’s San The Boring Company Temple worked as Crisis Management and (Consumer Electronics Show) in 2021. Diego Field Office. During his 22-year FBI (TBC), founded by Elon Musk, to design, A new transport solution is needed on career, he served as a Supervisory Special construct and operate a people mover the site, as delegates walking the facility Agent (SSA) of the San Diego Division’s Joint for the Las Vegas Convention Center via currently log, on average, two miles from Terrorism Task Force and the Division’s Critical a loop of underground express-route end-to-end. Incident Response Team. tunnels that could carry passengers in Temple was also responsible for FBI “We are excited to work with the autonomous electric vehicles at high LVCVA to provide a world-class mass response capability for large-scale special speeds. transit system in Las Vegas,” said Steve events in the City of San Diego, including Davis, President, The Boring Company. Comic-Con International, the 2016 MLB All-Star Downtown, the Las Vegas Convention “Upon approval, it can be in use by Las Game, 2017 Breeder’s Cup, San Diego County Center, the Las Vegas Boulevard Resort Vegas Convention Center guests within Fair and the Miramar Air Show. Corridor, McCarran International Airport one year.” The project has the potential to connect UK insurance product launches Stateside InEvexco, a UK-based events industry insurance specialist, has joined forces with US-based event professionals, BUA Insurance, to offer its Exhibitor Insurance Program in the US. InEvexco and BUA also partnered with SISO, the Society of Independent Show Organisers, in time for SISO’s CEO Summit Photos, courtesy The new Exhibitor Insurance Program’s The Boring benefits include, for exhibitors: Company, • Cancellation Expenses – US$20,000 – for show reasons beyond their control, protection of conceptual expenses (airfare, hotel, booth fee, etc.) designs of • Protection for property in transit and in the proposed booth – $20,000 Las Vegas • General liability – $1,000,000. Convention Center Loop and the w w w.exhibitionworld.co.uk (24-27 March) in Miami, Florida. In the UK this year 80,000 exhibitors have participated in the programme. SISO’s Executive Direcctor David Audrain Las Vegas welcomed the opportunity to offer member Convention companies a new service. “This program,” Center he said, “has proven itself already in the UK Expansion and we look forward to making it available construction. to organisers in the USA.” Issue 2 2019 21