Exhibition News Supplements EN 30 Under Thirty 2017 - Page 6

30 UNDER THIRTY Sophie Baker-Davis Group marketing & content manager – global technology portfolio, CloserStill Media Nomination: “It’s easy to say that Sophie is the best event marketer I’ve ever worked with, but it is also fair to say Sophie is the best marketer I’ve ever worked with, across tech, publishing and events full stop.” In five years’ time: “I will be influencing business technology through my work with industry stakeholders in shaping events that drive both education and collaboration in this sector. I believe that disruptive technologies will continue to impact the way the world interacts and conducts business. Richard Bowen Head of data, CloserStill Media Nomination: “Richard joined my team when he was a Biomed student helping out in the holidays. He very quickly became part of the family and when he graduated, there was no question that we needed him as part of the company. Over the past four years, he has built a visitor database from scratch that is used by both our marketing and telemarketing teams that has been instrumental in delivering our marketing campaigns globally.” In five years’ time: I would like to build a name for myself in the industry as well as my knowledge of exciting new technologies. 6 Sarah Bray Marketing manager CloserStill Media Nomination: “How much can anyone really achieve in a working day, week, month or year? Well however much you think that is, double it, and that’s how much Sarah Bray has managed to get done in the five years she’s been in the marketing team.” In five years’ time: I will have developed a team just as passionate about providing high quality education to NHS and medical professionals as I am. I will secure more partnerships with key international associations to ensure our medical events are accessible to not just Europe, but worldwide. Annie Byrne PR manager, MCM Expo Group Nomination: As the youngest female editor in the exhibition and events industry, I believe I creatively steered Exhibition News in a new direction, have helped enhance the careers of industry members and have become a key cog in the stewardship of young event professionals. In five years’ time: I will be married to either Nicolas Cage or Steve Coogan (if I can get them to attend an MCM Comic Con). I will also be continuing to grow and develop in the events industry. 2017 | exhibitionnews.co.uk