Exhibition News Supplements EN 30 Under Thirty 2017 - Page 22

30 UNDER THIRTY Rommon Thompson Marketing manager, UBM Nomination: “Rommon has been promoted twice, and delivered incredible outcomes for Facilities Show and Service Management Expo. He is hugely respected, especially after he started the EMEA London marketing executive meet up for junior marketing executives to network, progress their careers and discuss upcoming campaigns.” In five years’ time: My ultimate goal is to be responsible for creating and shaping our events and the experience our customers have - not only when they walk through the door, but also any time they interact with our brands. Carina Weymans Customer service representative, UBM Nomination: “Carina has been able to pro-actively integrate and help shape the customer service team, a new department within UBM EMEA. She has been a huge help in setting up the sales operations department, sharing and teaching her flare for our out-dated CRM System. Carina has shown since from the very beginning an ext [Y[HYYX][ۋ'B[]HYX\&H[YNH[[HZ[[Yۈ^H\X[Z]ق[X[]H[X\HH]\X[[[\][ۘ[][[\K]]H]X]\[[Hوٙ\[ۘ[\H[[]ܚ˂XY[[X[\ۂ[[܈^X]܈\X\X[Y\]P^Z[][ێ8'XY[\X\[\]H[YHٙ\[ۘ[\B[^X[[\ˈHX[Y\\H\^ڙX][B][\Y[^X]܈X[[\[]^X]ܜ]H[[\XY\][ۈ^\Y[KXZ\[]Y[[^X]ܜ]\]X[\X'B[]HYX\&H[YNHZ[Hܚ[ۙYH[ݘ]]H[H]H[X\ܛK[۝[[\HH[[Y[Hܝ[]Y\]YB^H^K[\\XHX]\“X\][^X]]K\[۝Y\BZ[][ێ8'[H\X[\ܚ] H^Y\H[Y\و\[۝Y\KH\\[ۘ]KYX]Y [\[ Xܘ]]H[\ܛ\^\[ۘ[H[[\\\K[H\[ܙYXH[[ [\Y[Xۚ\YH\[[܈XY\\X[H\][Y[X[ 'B[]HYX\&H[YNx&[H[ܝ\][[^H\[K]H][X[[وXZ[[][X[Y\x&YݙHXY\HX[Bو[H\]X[H\[ۘ]HX]H[\H[H]^X][ۈ›YHB M^X][ۛ]˘˝Z