Exhibition News Supplements EN 30 Under Thirty 2017 - Page 14

Partner’s comment A sea change Matt Coyne, engagement technology architect, Visit by GES 14 W elcome to the newly crowned future of our industry. The rising stars. The hot potatoes? Moving on… We at GES really believe in investing in our future, and that’s exactly what the EN 30 Under Thirty is all about. As such, we’re proud to be a founding member of this great initiative; an initiative which helps to support and grow the future of our industry. And the class of 2017 couldn’t be more exciting, or diverse. This year, I was lucky enough to be a part of the judging committee. Going through the many wonderful entries, I was really excited by seeing such a high volume of submissions coming from outside of the normal sales remit. This result truly reinforces a point made at a number of conferences recently, that our future is changing and that our leaders of tomorrow are going to be different. When looking at this group of future rock stars, such sentiments couldn’t be more accurate. Traditionally, owners, event directors and senior management have made their way up the chain through sales functions, typically rewarded with these positions due to their ability to sell well (and fair credit to them for doing a great job!). Furthermore, it has often been males to rise through such ranks. As evidenced by this latest round of entries, however, we’re witnessing a shift in this pattern. Not only were 19 of the 30 female, but there has also been a diversification in the 2017 | exhibitionnews.co.uk roles being recognised, as marketing, communications and operational type roles were heavily represented. What does that mean? On top of delivering excellent experiences for their customers, a number of these entries relied on how much revenue they had generated for their events or businesses, as a direct result of their activity. This showcases that a sea change is underway, and more significance is being placed on combining experience and revenue – they’re not two separate beings. The importance being placed on creating experience, which in turn increases revenue, is clearly the direction our industry is moving towards, and one we are celebrating with this year’s 30 Under Thirty. Current leaders take note. Embrace the opportunity that fresh talent and ideas could bring to your organisation. We need to relish this moment and support our next generation of leaders. I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. If you see any of the 30 Under Thirty at an event, awards bash, networking party, or within your organisation, make sure you grab the opportunity to talk to them. Pick their brains. See what they have to say. You never know, you may need that fresh perspective one day. With this class of 2017 being announced, our future couldn’t be brighter, and it couldn’t be more exciting! Congratulations S [\\H M