Exhibition News September 2018 - Page 51

The future of ticketing Ticketing has been hitting the headlines recently, and not always for the most positive reasons, so EN decided to take a closer look at this rapidly changing sector… E vent ticketing seems to be undergoing a seismic shift. In much the same way that sustainability has caught the public’s attention with the widespread banning of plastic straws, counterfeit tickets and extortionate resale prices have been hitting the headlines. In recent months secondary ticketing site Viagogo attracted some unwelcome attention from angry consumers and both the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) and the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA), and in August 2018 Ticketmaster announced the closure of its ticket resale platforms Seatwave and Get Me In, along with the launch of a new ticket exchange, in a bid to combat issues with secondary ticketing. Andrew Parsons, managing director of Ticketmaster UK, released a statement saying: “Our number one priority is to get tickets into the hands of fans so that they can go to the events they love. We know that fans are tired of seeing tickets being snapped up just to find them being resold for a profit on secondary websites, so we have taken action. “Closing down our secondary sites and creating a ticket exchange on Ticketmaster has always been our long-term plan. We’re excited to launch our redesigned website which will make buying and selling tickets fast and simple, with all tickets in the same place. “Our new Ticketmaster ticket exchange lets fans sell tickets they can’t use directly through their Ticketmaster account, for the price originally paid or less. Selling tickets through Ticketmaster is really simple: we do all the hard work and outline the maximum that – Richard Howle can be charged for the ticket – and it doesn’t cost fans a penny to sell them.” While the fans will no doubt be encouraged by the move, other ticketing providers worry that the sector ( 0&WWFF0( FRF&VB`FRFWB2vFR67VW 666W>( ЧFVB( FRF&VBbFRFWB2vFR67VW 666W2( 62&6&BvRF&V7F"bF6WFpf"FRF6WBf7F'( F22fr6VffV7@FR&WWFFbFRvFW"F6WFrGW7G'FP&RFWFr2V&Ɩ66VBB6W6W2&R7W7FW 6gW6BV6W'FGbvB6W26FW0FG'W7B( fW"FR7BF27V66W76gV6v2'w&W27V62ff"Ɩ6RBf7F2bfvvfR&6VBv&VW72bFR77VW27W'&VFrFP6V6F'F6WFr&WBBFR&V6VBWw2F@F6WF7FW"2F6WBFv6VGvfRBvWBP2&VVV&ǒVfW'6ǒvV6VB( ĆvWfW"Vff'G2F6&BFR&7F6RvWfW 6WFVǒW&F6FRBBFRFW&WBvR@6W&FRvW&RFRv&BWG6FRbFPW&6F7FbFfGVFvfW&VG2FW&Vf&RvRVVBFFG&W72F2'&6rW &fW225D"67&VFFVB&WFW'2BWBw&VFW V62&6rv&VW72br7W7FW'2'WF6WG26fVǒ( Х66R7VW"#bFRff"Ɩ6R6&6V@bw&WbW62vW'2B'W6W76W20&VVfvFrGW7G&66RƖRF6WBFWFpBGFVFrFB6RbFRv'7BffVFW'2F66VBT6VvBWvF6vvW"FХvV&"FV&&R&WBvBR6r2FR&vvW7@6VvW2f6rFR6V7F"( VWFrVFV6RWV7FF2( R62( f2VV@6V"667FVBBGf6Rf&F&WBvVBvW&RF6WG2&Rvr6RBFWVVB6֖"WfVbFWF&WBrF&W6V"&V6FRF6WBbFW6vW"GFVB( vRVVBFR&W6RV6W"B'F@FW&2B6FF26VB&RF7VB&vP&Bff"Ɩ6R2f7W76VB&Vf&2`FR6V6F'&WB'WBF7&72FR&&@&fVVG2&RVVFVBFW&2b6V6F( ХFV6BW@FRGW7G'FFBWrFV6w@fF26VB&RFR7vW"FbFR6V7F.( 077VW2vF6VFW&fVBF6WFrBF6WBFWG2( F6WB6VBB6VB&R6V6&RFƖ6V6RFVFW"WfVB( vV&"FV2T( vF7G&vW"W6Fv&G2FvFB&6VBF6WFpFFW6RFVF26VB&R&VƗ6VB2vV0֗FvFr&vR66RF6WBFWFr( ЦW&FWw26V6WFV&W"#S