Exhibition News September 2018 - Page 36

EN ROUNDTABLE 36 because we ran out of options in the City and actually our visitor numbers didn't change at all. They just had the same pattern of growth that they had when we moved it around. As you were saying content is really, really important. As long as you've got the content the people want and need they will come.” Hartley brings up the ‘holy grail’ of visitor: the pre-registered non-attendee, the audience of visitors that don’t engage. Could the right venue tap into this tantalising visitor demographic? “As show organisers, do you do research what the right location or venue should be with the audience that isn't necessarily attending the event, and which you want to?” he asks. McAndrew: “We have held focus groups with those people, but we actually found that actually, the reason why they weren't coming is that there wasn't strong enough marketing being put out to them. That was what we need to fix rather than the venue.” “I think we've been quite guilty of blaming the venue for the shortcomings of an event and moving it in haste,” adds Burton. “‘It's obviously because they don't want to come here’, whereas actually it's shortcomings with regards to communications, or not setting enough stands, or not enough content. You could move it anywhere and they're still not going to come, because that's where your failing is, not your venue alone. We're guilty of blaming venues sometimes because it is an easy option rather than looking at yourself and saying, ‘this isn't working for internal reasons’.” Seaman: It's about leading the market or being market-led. You could do all the research in the world and they'll tell you all sorts of different things. If your proposition isn't clear in the first place, then you'll be getting all kinds of confused feedback back. “If you've got a really clearly defined product like you guys [indicating Sorrell and McAndrew] have, they know your premise is that you're a peripatetic event; you're going to go wherever and it just is part of what you are.” Sorrell: “We've got a very specific audience of London-based architecture practice, there’s such high density of architectural practices in London. We're working on an assumption, that seems to work, which is as long as they can get there within in 20 minutes [they’ll come to the show]. Because they're architects, they work 12 hours a day at least, so to get them out of the office is a challenge. “We've been very successful in marketing – I can say that as it’s one part of the business that I don't touch as much – the marketing has been amazing and that's been how we've survived September 2018 | exhibitionnews.co.uk moving so many times.” The bottom line Cole asks if there has to be more flexibility in terms of budget when dealing with peripatetic events. “When I move an event from an established exhibition venue to a venue that isn't used to hosting events, it could be a dry hire and they give you nothing at all,” she says. “You're having to find the suppliers to make sure you've got bins in the place or toilets, do you find that a challenge as well when you're having to move to these different venues?” McAndrew: “Yes, we do. The amount we spend on venue does fluctuate but we have a certain amount of sponsorship that we have “We're guilty of blaming venues sometimes because it is an easy option” - Jo Burton to reach so that the amount we spend doesn't go up. Maybe the amount we spend on the venue goes up, but then the amount we spend on catering goes down ( we cater our events as well).” Seaman: “I think that's the same with the standard exhibition venue to be honest, because different venues give you different stuff. Some are going to require to you to use your own contractors, some do bits and pieces, some give you their own carpets, some don't. “This is all stuff that, if you're an up and coming event director, you've probably don't have a clue because if it's the first time you've moved. You really need a decent operations person to drill down and say, ‘this is the difference. You're paying x and x in terms of venue tenancy fee, but these are the hidden costs that you don't see and there are loads of them’.” ) եɕѥ͡)!ѱ胊qɽٕՔ)ͥѡɔ͡ձeЁ)̰͔ѡӊé)ѡɕͽ́ѡЁٕ́)ٕٔՔ׊eٔЁ)ѡݥѠ İ͕ɥ)ݡԁ܁݅)ݡԁٕe)ѽѡи+qYՕ́Ѽ݅ɔ)ѡЁН́))ͥ́Ѽ)ѡ͔)͔́)Ё́ɕѥٕ́ٔ͡)͵ɕͽ́ѡЁ́ݕt)5胊q]ԁݽɬݥѠѡ)́́ͅȁٕЁٕ́ɽչt)Mɕ胊q]ɕٕȁ̰ͥM)ȁٕՕ́ɔЁɐ)̸$ݡԁЁ)ԁ݅ЁѼѼѡ́Ս)ͥt)胊qḾɔɕ䁵Ս)䁽ȁɔݔٕݡɔͽ)ɔɔЁхɕ́ѡ)ѡ̰$ѡӊéɔѡЁ)ЁЁɽ́ѼхѼ)ѡȁɕͽ́ݡѡѡѡ䁍ձ)مՔɔԁѼЁ́ՍЁ)ѡ́ԁݽձѼ%ӊéե)ѡЁɕѥ͡+q$ѡН́ոѼЁ܁ٕՕ̰ݔ)ёȁٕՕ́ݔՙͥ)Յݔɔ݅́ɹ)Ё͔)ݗeɔɝ䁑͸ЁѼͅ)ݕɔЁɹݔɔٕ݅́䁥ѕɕѕ)ͅ她aѡЁݽձ܁ɔ)ݔѼɕͽٔѡd$ѡݔ)ͥٔѡٕͅѥԝЁ)ݙհЁɔЁлt)5ɕ胊q$ѡ٥ɕѥ͡)ݥѠȁ́́ͽѕ䁭Ѽ٥)ٕՕ̸ԝɔɕ䁵٥ѡٕՔݡ)́ɥͬԝٔЁѼЁѡ)ԝٔЁѡѡ䁍)ЁѼѡхɐѡЁԁи])ȁ́ɕ䁥ѡɽѡٕ)хлt)) ѽ胊q$ѡɅѥ䁥Н)չхݡЁȁ́$)ѡݔɔեєե䁽ͅ她(]ɔ 0ݔ͍͡ݔ)܁ݡݔɔѼQݡݔ)ѼɔѥՔȁٕՔݔѕ)Ѽ͕ݡɔН́Յѕѥ)Ѽѡ͔͍͍ɽ٥)ݡݔЁ͕͍́͡)ɽ٥́Յͅ她a])ԁ́]Ёݔ)ЁѼѡ́ѡӊé)͍͡Ёݡ)ݔݥѠ)ݡЁձݽɬԁݥѠ)ԁѼɽ٥́)ȁᡥѽ́ѡЁѡ݅)ѡӊéЁ͍͡Ʌѡ)ѡѼɽ䁵ɔ)ͥٔɽՍѥ))Ё٥ѡЁɡѽɥ)ٕͅѥt)=Ё1)Qٕͅѥ٥х)ɹ́Ѽѡ1U,)ٕՔ٥ѡЁѡ)1͕ɝ͕́)݅䁽٥ٕ́