Exhibition News September 2018 - Page 31

OPINION An industry for all? In early August, EN asked Media 10 show manager Anthony Goodey for a slightly different kind of column, here was his answer… B eing asked by EN to write a piece on whether the exhibition industry is a welcoming line of work for the LGBT community has made me really think. Ask me to write about budgets, or about the amount of content vs. exhibitors in a show and I could waffle on for hours. Ask me how to negotiate, or how to get a two-metre wide glitter ball delivered to site within the hour and I would know the man to call (thank you Ideal Christmas drama), but this is deep… The honest fact is, that from my point of view, I’ve never even thought about it – which in itself is quite interesting. I’ve never experienced a negative reaction or been made to feel uncomfortable for being in a same sex relationship, nor do I think it ever gets considered when I go about my work. Being gay doesn’t make me any more or less capable of doing my job, and I would hope that that general perception would be shared across the industry – no matter whether you’re an organiser, contractor or whatever part you play in producing your own amazing events. I have been very lucky at Media 10 – the core management and director team couldn’t care less about sexual orientation or preference, if you can do the job then it really doesn’t come into it. How could a company with so much vibrancy and diversity not welcome people that are diverse? I am surrounded by a team of talented, like-minded, open-minded people. We care about our projects BfRFWfVV@7G&rg&VG627&72FRV'3gFW"7VB&PFRvFFVFFvFFRf֖ǒ6WN( 2vWBFVWf"6V6BWBVFf&ǒ&V6VFǐv2Vǒvגv&ƖfR'WBBגW'6ƖfR&Vr6FRBv&rvvVBRF&Rח6VbFRVRFB7W'&VFVBח6VbvFBv&v66VBRF66WFrח6Vb( 2B6vVBRFB@v2FF7BB&RRगBvBF7FvRvW&RvVBBF&V7G2W7BF7VB&RFRvg&ЦR( 2BfVVFRg&VVFFB6RvFv&r7V6VVf&VBऒV&Vr6FRBvVvV@&WGW&&6F&VƗGvVB7VBGvFF&VRF2FV6֗76rח6Vb&6Fג( &( &N( 2&BFrvF6pvBR6Br6W'FvBB&Vr&RF6&RFR7F&W2b6VW &Gg&W"W&FƖfRfV"FBPvVB( 6ƗW( F( BvWBRw&r( 26Rg&fW'&vRfpf֖ǒB7FfVǒ66RBF6FrFFVЧVFWB6VRv'FVFrV6ǒf"RF@VVB&V6VFǒV7W'&6vǒv7Bv2Bv&VWFrv2FR&W7BFrF6RWBbג6&VW FFFR( 2B266Rf&6VBRFFG&W72גv&ƖfP&6RगBv2FRVW72BFfW'6RVRFRGW7G'FBFRBf"RF&RRBF( BWW&V6V@FB&Vf&Rג&WfW2ƖRbv&VFBFPGW7G'FRvg&ג6f'BR( 2BWBP6Fb6WFRg&VVFv&"RF( BW'6ǒfVVFRVVBF67FFǒFVVRFB( 6R6W&VF6( 2F( BfǒFRfrB6VV'&FR2F( BFB&VǒVVG0F&R6VV'&FVBB6VF( B&RFrFV6R@6VBW7B&R66WFVB2( &( &V6W6RvB2&v&VǒRFBWfW'RFRGW7G'2BFP6RWW&V6RBvVBRFB"FFR"VW vVBBFW"FRWF6RwVW72F涖rbW"vVFr6G&7F"( 2vVBFB( ( 2v&N( 7FRg&&VrW'6Vb"fVVƖr66WFVCRB&Vrv2B'FB'Bbגv&F( BfǐFBfr'WBFRGW7G'Bגv&6vVBRBv0F&RW'6VbgFW"fR2fR6VRFVW&vCWBFRW&FWw26vRFƲ&WB'VFvWG2@7GVfcW&FWw26V6WFV&W"#3