Exhibition News September 2018 - Page 3

SEPTEMBER IN THIS ISSUE ▶ NEWS 08 TOP NEWS STORIES 10 THE DEALMAKER 14 AGENDA 34 Two organisers take a closer look at their relationship with the sectors they serve ▶ FEATURES 31 AN INDUSTRY FOR ALL? Anthony Goodey of Media 10 on being LGBT in the exhibition industry 45 A NEW CHALLENGE 20 UK BOUND What does it take to bring an event to the UK as an international organiser? 57 SALES TALK Julie Vincent, sales manager at Blackpool Exhibition Centre on selling a venue that's not quite built 65 INDUSTRY VIEW While the problem of global food waste seems staggering, EN meets some innovators set on tackling it head-on 3 ▶ COLUMNISTS 63 PEOPLE MANAGEMENT WASTE NOT, WANT NOT The latest EN Roundtable tackles the challenges of a venue move Diversified Communications MD Carsten Holm on moving into the consumer space with new launch Go Organic Venues and Events International CEO Anita Lowe on building a company you would want to do business with 26 MOVING VENUE Ian Solomon, chair of the AEO Ops Working Group, looks back on some of the group’s recent initiatives, and introduces a new one 72 GALLERY A beach day, some sea creatures, a bouncing editor and Phil Spencer... ▶ LIFESTYLE 70 PEOPLE MOVES 72 GALLERY 74 LAST WORD WITH MICHAEL HIRST OBE exhibitionnews.co.uk | September 2018