Exhibition News October 2018 - Page 58

PEOPLE MOVES 2 MINUTES WITH... Heledd Williams, head of business events, Visit Wales, Welsh Government MOVERS & SHAKERS 1 How did you get into the event industry? I have been working in the industry for a number of years in the UK as well as overseas. I’ve worked on the commercial operator side as well as on the public delivery side, therefore have a balanced view and a pragmatic approach. Favourite thing about events? People and the interactions with buyers, planners and colleagues across destinations. It’s a little corny, but the industry is familiar, friendly and although competitive, it’s a healthy supportive industry in which colleagues and buyers look forward to meeting up on the event circuit. 58 2 How do you intend to face the challenges in the industry? Pragmatically. Every destination is literally competing globally. We are all sharing similar stories or reasons why to visit our destinations. So I tend to look at what Wales has to offer, what is achievable and attractive within our means and write our story to entice and encourage planners to use Wales for some of their business events. 3 Who is the indi YX[[H[YZ\O•\H\HX[H[HH\X[YHYHZ\X[]Y\[XY][Y[][\\وYZ\][ۈ][]HH^HX[B][H[[ H܈[]H\H\[XY]\˂]SKHZH\ٙYH\H\[\H H[HZH[\ٙYO’x&[HHXY[\]HY\H]H[Hݙ\و[[\B\HYH[X^[[Z[]و[\Y˂ؙ\ N^X][ۛ]˘˝Z’^[H]\\[YB]YXXY\\X[Hو]B][[^\Y[X[XX[\[ݚ\[ۈ\ܙX]]H\X\™\X܋R[[ HYB\X][ۈ܈H[[][[\K\[[YH\[Y[وܛٝ H\YY^X]]HٙX\Y\\][ۏ‘HH\[][ۈ\X]K]8&\HY]]XوۛYK\\[ۈ[]\[\و[\\H[\X[H]]Xٙ\HYY[[H\˂ܛۚ[[”[[[YH]ZXY\[[X][\[XX[š[HH][ܙ܈[H[ۙ\\H^Z[[\YۙHوH\ܚ^\Y[\XX[[\ZX˂X\][]ܛH[\˜[[YH\[Y[و\\[\YYX\][ٙX\[\[[Hܛ\8&\ؚX]H][]Y][[[\][ۘ[X\][X]]Y\˂RX\YUX[ۂ\[H[[H][ۜ\˜[[YH\[Y[ق\^HZ] H\\X܈قڙX]^X]]HX[K][H[[H[[H]OH\[ۈ[]\Z[][ۈ\[\HX[\\H][\šۛۈ\HXXH\[][ۈ[X[\وYY][][˜[[[]\˂][[H]H[HۙH[H\[۝[H؏‘]][X]YY][\[\\Y\X[^\Y[BݚY\[Y\[[Y\Xܛ[\\[\ۈ^HۂXۛYH\[\[\Y[\YHHRPBX\]XYH[]K[\[H JH\Y[[Y[\\X܈B^X][ۈ[\X[Y\]ܛ\ BHQS[[\ٙXX[B[XY]\[][ BX[Y[\X܈و][\H^Z\وB\X][ۈو][ܙ[\\˂H[X[ۈ[Y\\[ۋYY^X]]BٙX\وYY^X][ۜRXYHXHZ\H\X][ۈو][[Y\ŠQUH\[[Y]\[^HY\YY^X]]H8$‘^Sۙۋ\\ۂ\Z\وHQU\ [[\ JK\X܂و^X][ۈ[\8$P[H\[XHZ\[ZB\XKX^[ ^X]]B\X܈و[YH[\8$[\XH\\XBZ\