Exhibition News October 2018 - Page 33

Courtney Baldwin, Event Manager, Easyfairs Jo Channer, Client Director, LiveBuzz Emma Eveleigh, Director, LiveBuzz Zoe Lacey-Cooper, Portfolio Director, Diversified Communications Nicola Macdonald, Exhibition News, Editor Sylvain Meneux, Head of Marketing, Upper Street Events Hasiba Minhas, Marketing Manager, Media 10 James Moffat, Head of Web, LiveBuzz Michael Myburgh, Digital Marketing Manager, Reed Exhibitions 33 Rommon Thompson, Brand Marketing Manager, UBM/ Informa show when we’re putting content out we’re still encouraging people to book tickets, because the main message is you can still come to the show. We have a same-day video on day one, which goes that night on email and social. When it’s completed, we have a timeframe that it has to be in my hand by about 4pm. When we get that, that goes to the web team, they then put that on the website because the website is switched at midnight anyway to the onsite version. Then we add the video and it goes on social and email as well, and then it goes on our YouTube channel. James Moffat: There are platforms like Instagram Stories where you've got opportunities to experiment with video where the cost is low and also the risk of anything going bad is, well, I can’t say low but it goes after 24 hours. Then by the time you get to your show you know what works and what doesn't. RT: It’s horses for courses. What’s the aim for it first, before you decide on what platform you're going to push whatever content out on, and what do you want back? If you just want engagement or you want someone to action it then you have to think about what channel you want to use. continued ➞ exhibitionnews.co.uk | October 2018