Exhibition News October 2018 - Page 32

EN ROUNDTABLE Digital footprints 32 On 11 September, a diverse group of exhibition organisers met at Good Hotel in East London to discuss what an event’s online presence should look like Photography: Daniel Morales/Splento T he topic for this month’s Roundtable discussion – how to optimise your event’s online presence – first grew out of a conversation between EN editor Nicola Macdonald and Diversified Communications' Zoe Lacey-Cooper around how organisers were making use of social media for their events, and it was here that the conversation kicked off. ZL: I’m interested in this in particular because I’m still on a long journey where I’m learning a lot. We went through a transition period three years where we bought the Accountex brand off another company, and for the first two years we did no social media at all, because we didn't know what we were doing, we didn't understand the industry, and the profession works in a very particular way. Then we started to wake up a little to what we should be doing, so we invested a lot of money in social media marketing. But what I was interested to know is who manages it, for us originally it was the sales team which manages it all year around, then the marketing team focuses on visitor related social media during the five-to-six-month marketing campaign. We have recently recruited an editor who now manages our content alongside the sales team for exhibitors, and marketing team for the visitors, and we do morning Twitter posts to keep the brand live all year round. Who does it, who manages it, whose responsibility should it October 2018 | exhibitionnews.co.uk be – that’s what interests me. Rommon Thompson: For us it’s a bit of a mixture. Because our marketing team is formed up of a matrix, we’ve got our digital team that look after a lot of the channels. Anything digital like social media, they tend to be the owners of it. However, because of the nature of the show, our brand team and our brand marketing team get involved as well. Hasiba Minhas: For us it’s very, very different. My marketing team is two people and it’s one person’s job to own the social media, to learn about the trends, stay ahead of the game and watch what This Morning is posting. We’re quite different in that we have to keep an eye on their social, and they're always active. A lot of the viewers are double screening, which works in our favour, but at the same time they're interested in TV show and we have to make sure that they're also aware there's a live event. ONLINE STREAMING Michael Myburgh: This is something we are looking at at the moment. With World Travel Market we’ve got a big push towards video editing, and very much what we’ve done now is put in a campaign. They don't want to be looked as a professional travel industry and all sort of very tight and pulled. We try and be more open and ‘bloggy’ style videoing and try and find out what the big new idea is in the travel industry with our exhibitors. We’re running a video companion with our exhibitors now, which we’ll be pushing out in the next couple of weeks. HM: Video is big for us. We’re lucky in the sense that ITV’s digital team also are big on video, and they post a few a day. During the show we get all of our footage to use for next year’s campaigns. The first three days of the