Exhibition News October 2018 - Page 18

FEATURE A day out in the country EN dons a Barbour jacket and Hunter wellies and heads to The Game Fair – where we find a community stronger than ever W 18 hat do you get if you combine a James Martin restaurant, a helipad, more dogs than Crufts, a shop-front 15 times the size of Oxford Street and a five-year partnership with the nation of Qatar? The Game Fair, naturally. The event, which covers all things countryside, takes place year about at Ragley Hall in Warwickshire and Hatfield House in Hertfordshire and welcomed around 116,000 visitors to the July 2018 event. “We’re restaurateurs, we’re shopkeepers, we’re dog show organisers, we’re fishing show organisers, we’re golf show organisers – everything is on a big scale,” the show’s managing director, James Gower, tells EN. The event also includes camping, and in 2018 saw 6,000 visitors staying onsite during the three days of the show. The Game Fair celebrated its 60th anniversary in 2018 – Gower’s third year running the event – and took place on a rare weekend of rain during a largely hot and dry British summer. “We always put trackway and infrastructure down just in case,” continues Gower. “We were pretty optimistic that we wouldn’t need it but then of course we did. “If it’s a sunny day the farmers don’t tend to come out because they’re tending to their harvest but they had a respite, so we had more farmers and landowners than we would normally get.” As one might suspect, the show attracts a wealthy audience – 70 per cent AB – who collectively spent an October 2018 | exhibitionnews.co.uk eye-watering £70m at the 2017 event, and Gower predicts a similar figure for 2018. The show even has its own helipad and offers a range of royal and wealthy visitors the chance to land their helicopters. Visitors also bought more platinum tickets than ever before, which included VIP parking, a show guide and access to the VIP enclosure where they have access to ‘posh toilets’, cloakrooms and meals throughout the day. Choosing a venue Finding a venue able to comfortably accommodate the sprawling event \۸&]X\K^\\'\و[ ]\] 8'HH^\˂'X\]Z\\HX\]H[[[وXH܈\\[[[B\X[[[Y[[\x&\HY˜[\]H\XK'[H܈[\NH۸&]Z[[][ۈ^H[[[X]8&\YX[][\[H܈[B[][ۈHܛۙ\Hق[ ^HX][YX[HX[[[[وZ[[[X[H]B][]\ˈYܙHHHH[YKHZH[[\\[H]Hܛ[\\ܛYY 'H[]H]H[\XH][H]H\NHB HYHۙ\[[B[]\K][Z[K܈^[\KH\H[H^Hو\\B؛[Kx&]HY[[Z[H[B\ ]H[&]\HYZ['x&]HYY^H[[]Y[\H\][[Y\˜X]\Hx&]H]Hو[\Y[[\Hܛ[XHXX\BZ[[ۈ\]ܜ›ݙ\YX\ŒLM \]ܜ[ N Bو\]ܜ\HP[B[]HŒBZ[\›و[Y\ [H[\[ Xܙ\وH8&\™\]H\\Y [\[[Y\X\[\]\[\\]ˈ[H[[]ܙ\ۈ]ۈٙ\ܛ[ ]8&\šX][H\]Z\Y H[]\H][\Y[]\H\YX\'B[ۙYHH[[HB[[Y\\X\܈\[[$]܈ N8$H[ۜH[YB[H]K^YX\\\\]X]\\H[ۜH\HYH[\\[YK[\[HY[\وXX[]YX[\XHوH\]Z\\Bܙ[\\\[ۘ[HH\\[[[][X[^X]ܜ˂'HH[XZ[Z[H]X[]B[[][Hو^X]ܜ8'H^Z[‘\8'H]و\X][ۜX\[&]܈\H[Y\[H\][ˈYHو[B[&][Y]HZ[\K[