Exhibition News October 2018 - Page 10

NEWS THE DEALMAKER Steve Monnington of Mayfield Media Strategies runs the rule over the latest global exhibition deals I 10 t’s shaping up to be an amazing last quarter of 2018 for acquisitions, with several really interesting businesses coming up for sale. This last month hadn’t been too bad either with an interesting mix of transactions, mostly in the USA. Private Equity firm Shamrock Capital bought into US organiser Questex almost exactly four years ago and they have just sold to MidOcean Partners, MidOcean already have experience of exhibition ownership as co-owners of Penton Media selling to Informa in 2016. Questex has over 125 shows covering beauty, travel/hospitality, life sciences/healthcare and telecommunications. Kerry Gumas is moving from CEO to senior adviser with specific responsibility for acquisitions so hopefully Questex will become a regular in this column. CloserStill Media made their 2nd US acquisition this year picking up two Vet shows from Modern Veterinary Media – the Wild West Vet Conference in Reno, Nevada and the Chicagoland Vet Conference. They now have 3 U.S Vet shows having launched New York Vet in 2017. The acquisition follows the purchase of a majority stake in the Learning Conference earlier this year. With the recent launch of Dentiste Expo in France, CloserStill’s primary growth is now coming from outside the UK. Emerald has been the most acquisitive U.S organiser this year and continues the trend with the acquisition of EH Media a company running technology events including Total Tech Summit together with several digital media brands for the integration of audio, video, communications, IT, security and energy management products into buildings. EH is a strategic fit with CEDIA Expo a trade show focussed on home technology which Emerald acquired in January 2017. GS Media and Events, organiser of recreation-focused consumer shows throughout North America, including camping shows, powersports & ice fishing shows have acquired 8 recreational vehicle, boat and outdoor sports shows from RJ Promotions. Finally, in the USA, Informa has acquired the CMA Shipping Conference and Exposition through their Knect365 subsidiary. CMA is run on behalf of the Connecticut Maritime Association. In the UK LDC, the private equity arm of Lloyds banking group, have acquired FC Business Intelligence from the original founders of the business. FC organises of conferences and exhibitions which focus on providing thought leadership in a diverse range of sectors that are facing both challenges and opportunities from technological and strategic innovation including the energy, insurance, pharmaceuticals transportation and travel sectors. The management will continue to run the business and will be joined by ex-EMAP and Informa CEO David Gilbertson as a non-exec director. LDC acquired the NEC in January 2015 but this is their first foray into actual event ownership. ITE continued with their non-core disposal program announcing the proposed sale of 56 regionally focused smaller events in Russia to Shtab-Expo. This follows the sale of both of their Malaysia based businesses – Tradelink (metalworking) and ECMI (Beauty and Lab) - to UBM earlier this year. ITE are retaining 16 core Russian brands such as Mosbuild and MITT. We finish off in China where acquisition activity has slowed down of late, due to a combination of a lack of availability of good businesses and high price expectations. This hasn’t deterred Deustche Messe who have acquired a majority stake in the logistics fair LET China organise by local firm Guangzhou Best. The acquisition complements their intralogistics fair, Cemat Asia in Shanghai. I N T E R N AT I O N A L N E W S GERMANY AND UK DOMINATE GLOBAL EXHIBITION INDUSTRY PRG AND VER MERGE IN EUROPE & MIDDLE EAST A study completed by the Association of the German Trade Fair Industry (AUMA) shows that five companies from Germany rank among the top ten for revenue in exhibitions. Reed Exhibitions topped the list (€1.264bn) ahead of UBM (€979m). Messe Frankfurt were third at €669m, with Informa close behind on €631m. The recent acquisition of UBM by Informa will have since affected the ranking, however. Fo \Y][ۘ[\X[\[\\[Y LY\H\[ܙ 8 JK[Y\H 8 ͌JK]]HY\B[ݙ\ 8 MJK[Y\H][[8 ̛JKوH ^X][ۈ\[Y\]][Y\و[ܙH[8 L KZY\B]Y[\X[H[[HRˈ][\Y\X[ۈ\\Hܛ\H[T\HY\H[ۙH[]H[]\H[HZYHX\ H\[Y\[H[[ۛH۝YHHܙ[\[K\][\\˜[X[Y[Y[ \H\\[\H\Z\X[[S›و[T[\[\YY[[B\Y[[˂\[Y\[ٙ\HX[]Hœ\H\]Z\Y[ ۛYH[\ۛ[[ٙ\][ۜ\\\[^\\B[^\Z]\\[H[XY]B[\[[K\\[Y[Y8'\X[]H\ܝ[\\و[\Z[Y[X[ؘۜ[B[ZHۈ]YX[[˸'Bؙ\ N^X][ۛ]˘˝Z‘PTQRTԑPQTӂ]\[\Y\[[YB[H\[ۈ\SوX\YZ\“ܙXY\\[X\YZ\[HܙXœY[ۈ MHYX\Y˒H[HXYYYBX[H\\Y\HHB\XYوܛ\XH\Y[8$]YH [ٛܛX][ۈ]TK[[Y['\H]HY[ MH^[\][[ܛYH[XXHYX\8'HZY[\Y8'B[H[[Y[[HYو]x&]HXY]Y ]]8&\[YH[ݙ\]›X[Y[Y[ H[ܚ[H]X[B[\H۝[Z]H[[[HXYY[\Z\[ۋ'B[Y][ۈY\[ۈ\][ۜ[BܙXY[ۋ[\Y[X\H[[܂Y\܈܈X\YZ\ܛ\܈H^žYX\[[[XYXZ\[ۜ