Exhibition News October 2017 - Page 7

EDITOR’S LETTER AHOY THERE H ello, and welcome to my debut edition of Exhibition News. I’d like to start by thanking my colleague Nicola Macdonald for skilfully and serenely steering the Good Ship EN and, er, keeping the Captain’s seat warm for me. (She happens to be pictured toting a shotgun on the very last page of this magazine. Of course, that photo and this tribute are in no way related…) This month’s issue throws a spotlight on launching products overseas. There’s both pitfalls (for instance some knowledge shared at a recent AEO conference panel on ‘cultural differences’ on p35) and triumphs – as evidenced by our cover story profi le on Media 10, who are taking loved and iconic British brands to the Far East. Elsewhere we take a look at luxury packaging, Girls Day Out in Scotland, The Horse of The Year Show, and a consumer exhibition promising aisles and aisles of all things chocolate-related. Don’t worry, if that all sounds a bit on the light side for you, since these are amply offset by forklifts and logistics-talk in our sector focus on p29 and a helping of Blade Runner-esque tech on the side (45). On a more serious note, there’s an employer’s guide to delivering wellbeing at work (p33). The events industry is tremendous fun, but very high octane and, as with any job, there’s pressures that can lead to stress. Look after each other. Enjoy the issue, ANNIE BLINKHORN, MANAGING EDITOR ablinkhorn@mashmedia.net exhibitionnews.co.uk | October 2017 7