Exhibition News October 2017 - Page 66

LAST WORD MA X QUITTENTON The director of Elevate fi tness trade event and EN 30 Under Thirty member on launching the show, his industry inspirations and being punched on the nose 66 WHAT NEEDS URGENTLY ADDRESSING IN OUR INDUSTRY? Being an immensely proud Brit, I can’t help but think we should be unleashing the very best architectural and engineering talent to build the exhibition hall equivalent of Turpitz. Heathrow is the busiest airport in the world and London is the planet’s greatest city, it’s about time the UK hosted the world’s greatest exhibition hall. If our EU friends recognise Brexit as an opportunity to pinch bits of London’s fi nancial centre – and they have every right to try – why shouldn’t the UK, thes birthplace of industry, view Brexit as an opportunity to pinch their big fat juicy trade shows? WHATÕ S YOUR PROUDEST MOMENT SO FAR? Easy. Elevate 2016. When I realised I had done it. Thanks to the support of quite brilliant people; friends, family, customers and colleagues, at the age of 25, I found my idea had become real. I could not have been any prouder of myself and everyone who believed in it. Events are great for that. It helps if there is an individual who properly cares, but it simply cannot happen without a massive well timed team effort. WHAT THE THREE THINGS YOU WOULD CHANGE ABOUT THE INDUSTRY? Not much. Great events manage to be both interesting and important, so I’d back anything supporting those aims. Oh wait, women! I’ve worked with loads of brilliant people who happen to be women but there’s not as many in the upper echelons and that has nothing to do with a lack of talent or ability. WHATÕ S THE BEST PUTDOWN YOUÕ VE HEARD IN THE INDUSTRY? Sorry to be a killjoy but I am afraid I take no interest in words or people that take confi dence away from others. Confi dence is currency. WHICH EVENT SPEAKER HAS MOST IMPRESSED YOU? Professor Sir Muir Gray CBE, DSc, MD, FRCPSGlas, FCLIP. It’s hard not to be impressed by that many titles. WHICH MEMBER OF THE INDUSTRY IS LEAST LIKELY TO GET A ROUND IN FIRST? Me. WHICH TEAM DO YOU SUPPORT AND WHY? This is shameful but whoever is winning. I am a bad loser. TELL US SOMETHING WE DONÕ T KNOW ABOUT YOU? I was voted most likely to be homeless when I left school. Yes, I do have a chip on my shoulder about that and it’s one of the many reasons I still hate school. WORST ITEM OF CLOTHING YOU OWN? A pair of pants which still have the name tag in. MOST EMBARRASSING SONG YOU OWN? I was born in the 90s, I don’t own any songs. WHATÕ S THE WORST IDEA YOU HAVE SEEN AT AN EXHIBITION? Probably one of mine. Not going to bed before the fi nal day of rebook. Not smart. Lesson learned. DESCRIBE THE EVENTS INDUSTRY. Ex-publishers. WHATÕ S YOUR KARAOKE SONG OF CHOICE? I don’t do karaoke or dancing or champagne #lifeandsoul WHAT ONE THING DO YOU DO BETTER THAN ANYONE ELSE? Make mistakes. WHO WOULD PLAY YOU IN A MOVIE? Star-Lord (Peter Quill) but I’d prefer to be backstage please. BIGGEST WEAKNESS? Fast food or smoking. Usually together. October 2017 | exhibitionnews.co.uk FAVOURITE PLACE TO GO AT THE WEEKEND? The sofa. WORST JOB YOUÕ VE HAD? Home catering. A Bollinger-fuelled domestic fi ght broke out then a posh drunk woman punched me right on the nose for getting in the way. WHO IS YOUR HERO/INSPIRATION? David Wood for intelligence and vision, Mike Costain for sales, Chris Brown for sales process, Sophie McKimm for patience (or is it persistence?), Briony Mansell-Lewis and Frances for content, Michael Westcott and Phil Nelson for tenacity, Jo Tyler for marketing, Jonathan Monks for connecting with an industry, Simon Parker for integrity, Jonny Sullens for ideas and execution, Keith Harris and Phil Soar for deal-making and godfather-like infl uence, Paul Michael for presence and Lucy Findlay for resilience. But if I had to choose, it would be two people who are great at all those things: my mum and dad. EN