Exhibition News October 2017 - Page 60

PEOPLE MOVES 2 MINUTES WITH... Matt Rakowski, marketing manager, DB Systems MOVERS & SHAKERS 1 How did you get into the events industry? I was working as a photographer in the early 2000s and had the opportunity to photograph a friend’s band. From then on, I focused my career on live music and other events – fulfi lling numerous roles before settling on the comforting challenge that is marketing. Favourite thing about events? No two events are the same, and you always see someone you know – no matter what the event or wherever it is. 60 2 What do you think you can bring to the new role? To this role—a new and fresh approach to marketing for DB Systems, we do some really cool stuff and it’s my job to show it off! What have you done in the fi rst month in the job? Found my feet, tried to meet and talk to as many people as possible and work out what works best for DB Systems. No big decisions should be made in the fi rst month, it’s the perfect time to assess the challenges ahead and work out why things are as they are, before deciding what to change and what to leave alone. 3 Biggest frustration? Waiting for things. I’m quite impatient. 4 Best piece of advice? Be confi dent in your own abilities and try not to worry about things you can’t control. Who is the individual you most admire? There are too many to mention. I’m generally inspired by people who work hard (really hard) to achieve excellence, whether that’s in the creative, sporting or business world. Being able to block out all distractions and focus only on one goal is an enviable trait. The last fi lm you watched? Recen ѱ'eٔ݅эɔQX͕ɥ́9љ齸Aɥ)ѡ٥̸QЁѡ$݅э݅́9ɍ͕́ɥ́ѡɕ)Ё8!Dݔхȁٕ͕ɥͱ䀴܁ԁх))Iձɱ丁Mɽ8)=ѽȀ܁ᡥѥ̹լ)% ѡͽѥȁ͵)Ѽͥ镐ѥ)͕ٕՕ̰́ѽ)չѡѵЁ)1ф Ȥ́ѡ% )ɽAɕͥи)́ɕѱ䁡ɕ́)ٕ́ɕѥѡɽ՝)ѡٕЁ)ɕѥ͡ɽɅQ)ٕ́ͥхЁɕѥ͡)ɽ݅́ձ䁅ɽٕѡ)ٕɹЁɱȁѡ́啅)MɅ٥Ѐ̤́ѡ)Ѽ́ɕѥ)ٕЁͥхи)٥ ́͡)ѕٕ́́ɕѽȁ)Ѡͅ䁅ѥ)ᡥѥ́Ё]ѕɸ ͥ)ᡥѥ̀] )]Н́ȁͬ)IЁ܃LٔAɼɅ̰ɝȁѥ͔٥'e)ݽɭ)!܁ԁѕѼѡ́ѡ) 䁝ѥՍЁɅɽ́ȁѥ̰)ѡeɔЁѡɹ)QЁɕ)ٕ́ ɔ́չ)䁅ѵаݥѠI典)5ɽ䀠ĤѡٕՔ)ɽ 01́ѡ)܁Ʌѥ̸()IєMѥ́)չѡѥ)Mѕٕ!ɉͽФ)́ɕѽȁɅѥ̸)Mѕٕɥ́ݥѠɔ)ѡɥ)ɥѡX͕ѽȸ)9݉I͔)ɕѡ́ѕݥѠ)ѡѵЁMɅ)IɑͽɕЁɅՅє)ɽ1ٕ)5ɗe)Uٕͥ䰁́ɭѥ)ͥхЁݥѡՍ)ȁѕɹ͡ЁѡٕՔ)) ՈYՕ́1)́ѕMѕ)ɽٔԤ́ɕͥ)ٕЁᕍѥٔL)-ѽAɬI͔