Exhibition News October 2017 - Page 51

COLUMN: SPECIAL OPS Keeping in the loop Andy Lowe, senior events manager at Cheltenham Racecourse, says teamwork and unity helps planning events run smoothly A s a venue, Cheltenham Racecourse prides itself on the fact that it holds a world- famous reputation, not only for its prestigious jump racing, but also its work on a varied list of events. We have conventions, visual art exhibitions, food events, wedding fairs, clothing, live events and full-on corporate conferences and because of our setting and space we have, we can handle most things and are able to create bespoke occasions. But these take a huge amount of work, not only on the operations side, but right from the very beginning when the sales team fi rst make contact with the client. Even at the very start, communication is key – the more information that the sales department can get during the booking that is then passed on to us on the operations side, makes planning it an easier and more fl uid process. Teamwork is essential That is why there should be an excellent partnership between departments, which is something that we have perfected at the racecourse. Communication does not stop once the booking has been taken, it is then my job and that of my team, to liaise with the client and get as much detail as po 76&RFWfVBBR7W&PFBB2W7FǒrFWvBBगN( 2W&FfRfRFVWF6P6V2bFwVRVBFW0vFFR6ƖVBBvFW"FW 6VwVW2FR7W&RWfW'Rw0vN( 2vr6ƖgrFR"FvvRfPFB7V7G2bFRWfVBg&ЧrFRWBbWfW'FrFVFB6fWG'WBbvRFBfRFR&v@f&FB67FFPFWfVVB&6W726vRfRF&PRVBv&rFR6RvFRf7BFBvR&R66RֶBFVЧFBv&2fW'vVFvWFW"V0FBvR&RfW'vBBvWGFrFw0&v6VBR6WfW"VFW&W7FFPFR7BFBv&rFVЦ2"6F6f7F( 2BW2W v&rFV&RgVBV0W2&VǒvWBFWfVG2BFR&V7G0vRv&( ĖbvRF( @fRFR&v@f&FB67FFR&6W726vRfRF&RPVBv&rFR6Rv( ХvRfRW&F2VWFrWfW'vVVBFB6VFW2W"FV66FV6FW&rFV6Vg2BFWVFrFRWfVBW"6V7W&GFVv6FV7G&FW2FR&VVfG0bVWrWfW'RFR&V6W6RbFRGW&RbW fVVRBFR&6rVVVBvR&RvV&VBWF&RfW&PBWfW''BbW"W&Fআ2F&RƖRFBBFVvvRvVW&ǒFR&w2fWpF2VBbvRVVBFvP67BWfVBB#BW'>( F6R'&vr&WGvVVbFVRFFR'&72&@662bw&VB'&FvR&R67BFFRfVRf W( 26&7F2vgBbf6f"v66'&r&VBf6F'2( 266WFW2FW6RWfVG26&R2&r2&6RFBvFBfVRbf6F'0&WV&W2Bbr@&W&F6v&r26W6fPw&W&Vǒ2&VBआVr@vR&Rv2BF7W'@6ƖVG2FRFWfVbFWfPFV"vFV2vR&RǒWfW"@FRVBbR"&FFffW 767F6RvVWfW"N( 2VVFVBऒvVVVǒfRג"'WBb6W'6PFW&R6&R666Fff7VFW27V626ƖVBBfrFRf&FvRVVBVBbW&F"WfVB'WBFW6RG2b6VvW0VRV&&fRB7'V6ǒFWfVWrFV6VW2F&fFRFP&W7B6W'f6RBv&rVf&VBVVRBFW&W7Fp6VFV2fVVRFB66FW f"WfVG2f"2fWr2FVVR@22FW6G2v6W0WfW'VVRBFBVW2FP"7&VF&ǒFW&W7Frf WfW'RffVBvRfR&VVv&pFW&W7FrWfVG2g&FP6VFVb&FW&FWw26V7F&W"#pS