Exhibition News October 2017 - Page 46

re!nventing stand building systems LEDskin ® Reddot Award winner 2017 LED cabinets and beMatrix frames are combined to create an impressive video wall. Keep the body, change the skin The aluminum frame system is endlessly reusable and can be covered in several ways and seamlessly. 360° concept Walls, floor and ceiling merge into a single flowing whole unit. beMatrix is designer and producer of the original modular frame system with big holes. The aluminium frame system is lightweight, durable, endlessly reusable and can be built quickly and without tools. It is the ideal system for your exhibition stand, event, showroom, pop up store, .. INNOVATIVE • SOLUTION-ORIENT Q8(TԕHTQӈӔPSӈ8(RSS8(STUSӐSUԒ8(SSTPBSX]^R8([] ؘ\KۙۈY ]ܝ H БHܙ\H H  LN  H  H H˘SX]^ B[\۝X8([۞H\ۈ H  MMN H L HKK\ېSX]^