Exhibition News October 2017 - Page 31

FEATURE Cornering the market EN meets PSP Media, the Scottish publisher turned exhibition organiser Words: Nicola Macdonald A great day out: Visitors enjoying Girls Day Out (inset, bottom left), and the Scottish Golf Show (bottom r ight) I f there’s one thing that connects all of PSP Media’s events, it’s the fact that they place a huge amount of emphasis on interactivity. At the Scottish Golf Show, the organiser’s consumer event, there is a driving range with 30 bays, over 300sqm of putting greens and around 1,000 lessons from PGA professionals over its three days. “We’re very proud that our focus is mainly on a try-before-you-buy experience,” director Tom Lovering tells EN. “The whole ethos of the event is to get clubs into people’s hands and to make it as interactive as possible.” PSP started in May 1995 as a publishing company in the golf industry, publishing Bunkered Golf Magazine and steadily growing the portfolio over the years. It took its fi rst tentative steps into the exhibition industry, in 2006, with the Scottish Golf Show. “It was a very fast learning curve; we had no experience in events,” admits Lovering. “But we knew there was a market there and we felt we could gain the support of the industry. We also had access to the general public through our portfolio of titles and databases. We had free advertising and a route to market.” PSP Media had – in summary – everything except the practical skills and knowledge required to put on an exhibition. Lovering 31 and his team took expert advice for the fi rst year of the Scottish Golf Show and have since managed all their events in-house. In 2009, PSP made another foray into the world of live events with the launch of Girls Day Out, the women’s lifestyle consumer event designed to provide the perfect day out all under one roof. Again, the show was inspired by a magazine brand run by the publishing arm of the business. “We’ve hosted 13 of those events and it’s still going strong with 20,000 women attending each year,” says Lovering. “The show has cocktail bars, champagne bars, singers, dancers, fashion shows, hairdressing, nail bars, all forms of shopping, beauty brands, makeovers and expert advice. All under one roof.” In 2016, PSP Media launched its third consumer show, the Scottish Cycling, Running and Outdoor Pursuits Show, which is returning to the SEC Glasgow for its third event in March 2018. So, asks EN, will the company be continuing down the exhibition route? “We don’t have any plans to launch new shows, but we do have plans to take our existing shows around the UK ( &WfV0fW&r( FBv&RFRWB7FvSPv6VR&WƖ6FbFR66GF6v`6r"v&2FWBFW"'G2bFPTv^( fR&VGvB7W'Bg&FPW&F'2FCFW( &RVffV7FfVǒ6pW2FfR&VBFR6VG'( Хv6WfW"6rFR&v6W"FV6FW2FvV6Rf'7BN( 26V"FB5VF0Bvrf&VFN( 2N( 27W&RF&P&RF&WƖ6FRFvFRTDRU$dT5B%DU d"ĕdRUdTE03#0TD$24TuurD$24TD$4u$UT7G&FBR#r#3 W&FWw26V7F&W"#p