Exhibition News October 2017 - Page 27

COVER FEATURE and we left, totally prepared to throw in the towel and give up trying to work in the area. But Design Shanghai itself was a huge success… as we were leaving we were approached by reps from Chinese event and design bodies, as well as from the government, which basically implored us to ‘please stay!’ It took some persuasion, however. “We were offered a fairly unique deal where we can operate our own offi ce out there. We are known out there as ‘10 media’ but we can use the exact same logo!” When it comes to getting the lowdown on this autumn’s launches, both Newton and Nathan refer me to ‘Shanghai Mike’ aka Mike Dynan who ‘lives and breathes the China offi ce’. “He’s one of the original ten. We spent three years looking for the right place, fact-fi nding and scoping. Now Mike is out there for about six months a year,” says Newton with not a little admiration. With Media 10 from the very start (“I was very young at the time!” he insists) Dynan, like Newton and Nathan, is an events man to his core. “I’ve defi nitely got the bug! As soon as I did the fi rst Grand Designs, I was changed forever!” Dynan explains the unique position Media 10 has in China. “We’re a wholly owned ‘foreign enterprise’ We can get on with pretty much whatever we want, it’s quite rare. We have quite a lot of power, in a big place, for a small company.” There is very much a sense of place when it comes to this China venture, but also of an oft-mentioned ‘Media 10 dna’. “Our offi ce out here is like a mini Media 10. It’s not a Chinese company, it's not an English company… we’re Media 10.” Breaking into the Chinese market is something of a holy grail for the events industry, particularly in the context of Ch