Exhibition News November 2018 - Page 73

ALTERNATIVE VENUE CONFERENCES THE BARON Flexibility and trust EN takes a trip north to Edinburgh’s Corn Exchange to learn more about events in the city W hile the Corn Exchange in its current form has been in operation since 1999, the historic Edinburgh venue was first erected in 1909. Located to the west of the city centre, it hosts a range of events from Christmas parties, to gigs to exhibitions and conferences. “We’re a family owned, privately run, multi-purpose events venue,” says sales and marketing manager Neil Rudram. “The current senior management team have been here since we opened in 1999.” Whether it’s a ‘tie-on’ or ‘tie-off’ event – the venue’s terms for daytime business events vs corporate parties etc. – the Corn Exchange team is proud of the flexible service it offers organisers. The venue works with Sodexo Prestige Venues & Events and Vision Events as preferred suppliers, but Rudram adds that organisers are welcome bring their own teams in for events. “We’re totally flexible for that,” he explains. “We’re here to run events and we’re here to host events. It may people who are well be used to running events or else they expect us to be able to do everything, and we can and that’s where we’re step in. “If someone does need a hand we can certainly lead the way, and make it very easy. With 20 years of experience we can offer expertise and bring in successful events.” The venue welcomes many of the same events back year-on-year, which Rudram attributes to the transparent billing, saying: “They trust us; we provide what we say, we don’t over-sell but we also don’t – for want of a better word – ‘BS’ people. We give them prices upfront and there are no hidden costs first. First quote provided is what is then invoiced, and because of that trust people come back year after year.” And what, asks EN, are the benefits of running an event in the Scottish capital? “Edinburgh sells itself,” explains Rudram. “It’s a phenomenal place; it’s small enough to be easy to get around and it’s also the capital city. From a business and a partnering point the Corn Exchange works with Marketing Edinburgh, and we shout together with the other venues and the hotels to say what a great city Edinburgh is. Edinburgh’s punching above its weight and competing against international cities.” The Exchange: 1372sqm The Concourse: 393sqm The Baron: 498sqm The Newmarket: 132sqm 65 The Newmart: 78sqm Lower Bistro: 94sqm Upper Bistro: 70sqm EN HP_v.indd 1 exhibitionnews.co.uk | November 2018 23/08/2018 11:26