Exhibition News November 2018 - Page 55

47 went really well and there are dates available now,” says Cennydd. “I understand there’s a risk that we could have absolutely failed and not honoured the agreement, and then they would have this space that they need to fill, so I think it is a two-way street but there could be more discussion around the opportunity.” Paul King, sales director for EN , asks what the group thinks about the volume of exhibition space in the UK, particularly in the capital, and whether the venues hold all the cards. “I think, in London, yes,” says Ali. “London is one of those places where they can easily just say no.” “There aren’t a lot of options, especially for really big places,” adds Olivia Boswell, project manager at ITE Group. Cennydd adds: “If there’s somebody with the same profile as you then there’s only one venue you can use and you’re absolutely at their mercy.” Adrian Goodsell, managing director of Kimberley Media Group, points out that the expectation levels both for trade and consumer events has grown. “There are certain venues where the customer experience is always the same, and there are always the same complaints, and as an event organiser you’re the face of that,” he explains. “So if you can really partner with the venue then you can experiment a bit more. As long as you’re improving the event each year and the experience is a bit more exciting and they come with you on that journey.” Rebecca Towell, business development director at EventCity, brings up the idea of venue as destination, providing elements like shopping, hotels and entertainment on-site. Macdonald asks the group how they feel about the growing trend for destination venues. “I think that depends on the event,” argues Cennydd. “We were working on Money20/20 in Vegas, that was amazing and that was the right place for it. That is where you’re looking at a destination venue. “But I couldn’t give a monkeys about that for the public sector, I just need to know that they can get to that venue really easily, that it’s got the infrastructure, it’s got the hotels, great parking facilities and the food's not too expensive. It’s pretty much what the public sector want: austerity measures.” continued ➞ Rohema Ali, operations manager, dmg::events Olivia Boswell, project manager, ITE Exhibitions Haf Cennydd, managing director - exhibitions, Govnet Andrew Evans, managing director, Thorough Events Adrian Goodsell, managing director, Kimberley Media Group Paul King, sales director, Exhibition News Nicola Macdonald, editor, Exhibition News Miriam Sigler, founder, Ways & Means Events Rebecca Towell, business development manager, EventCity exhibitionnews.co.uk | November 2018