Exhibition News November 2018 - Page 19

19 “We have to step it up and make sure that what we do looks as good as what they do” at it that way; we'd be looking at how to get buyer and seller together. “We have to step it up and make sure that what we do looks as good as what they do, otherwise it looks out of kilter.” And step it up they do, with brightly coloured carpets and networking areas complementing the strong efforts from the show’s exhibitors. A new home For 2019 the show is moving to ExCeL London, and EN asks Knight what visitors and exhibitors can expect from the move. “Olympia is a great venue, it’s nothing to do with Olympia. It’s more the fact we’re bursting at the seams,” she explains. “Upstairs doesn’t work for this show, and more importantly we need the flexibility of space. "ExCeL is a more flexible venue; there are more meeting rooms, things you can activate, space to do sponsorship etc. “It’s about transforming the experience as well as growth. All of us want to grow, but we don’t want to grow out of line with the industry itself. We wouldn’t want to grow exponentially and end up too big. The venue is the vessel, not the proposition. If you have a strong proposition, and you continue to have a market, then you can move. “You have to figure out how you change the floorplan, and how you get a community to move from West London to the East. What do you do to help them? What concierge services do you put on? What do you do in the evenings? How do you make it even more exciting? And how do you make sure the logistics work? We know every single thing going on at this show at every single point and we plan meticulously.” There is no doubt that the show will change significantly for its 2019 outing in a new venue, but what’s most important– the visitor, the exhibitors and the chances for them to meet and do business – will no doubt remain front and centre.EN exhibitionnews.co.uk | November 2018