Exhibition News November 2018 - Page 17

MY WORKING LIFE LIZ TURNER The sales and marketing director at The Event & Exhibition Partnership on Brexit worries, a stint working at the Masonic Lodge and her love of the events industry I was born in Leicester but grew up in Essex. I’m an Essex girl at heart. We had a big family, there were five sisters. Sporty, good fun. I’m the oldest. We’re all still best mates. My dad was health and safety executive for Nuclear Power, and my mum brought us lot up. Plus dogs, fish, Guinea pigs…the lot! I wasn’t very studious. I had fun at school, which doesn’t really come through in exam results. My first job was a paper round. I was maybe 13 or 14, it felt like I did it forever. I also worked in a sweet shop. They made me add everything up in my head, there weren’t any computers or calculators back then. I was also a waitress at the Masonic Lodge, which was interesting. Working on Lodge events taught me a lot. I didn’t do any events until the José Carreras concerts we did when I was working for Pinkertons. Offshore Europe was one of my other first ones. I was sales then, but also tear tickets…do whatever you need to do. 17 Then in 1997 we set up ourselves, so we’ve had the company 21 years. The Americans took over the security company I was working for and they didn’t really understand the peaks and troughs of events so we decided to go it alone and bring a family-run, private company that only dealt with events to the industry, not a corporate global company. We’re 100 per cent events. We started off with the Chelsea Flower Show and we’re still doing the Chelsea Flower Show. The industry is fun. Fun with a capital ‘F’ sometimes! It’s great, I love the people. It’s an ever-changing environment, you’re going from one day to the next. That’s why our staff like it; each week you’re doing a similar job but in a different format and a different place. It’s outdoors, indoors, snow… For us the biggest topic that needs addressing in the industry is recruiting and what will happen after Brexit. We’re not sure how we’ll get the staff because they won’t be coming in from Europe any more. But generally as an industry I think we talk quite a lot about what’s going on. There aren’t any hidden agendas, everyone just talks about it. My desk is currently a mess! I’ve got about six piles of paper. I don’t even know what’s in some of them! If I have a weekend off it’s golf, running or drinking with my mates. Married yes. Children no, but I have lots of nieces and nephews to keep me entertained. My last holiday was August, we went to Bordeaux in France. It was lovely; nice and hot. If I had to name one favourite event…it would be Goodwood Revival. It’s one big fancy dress party. It’s pre-1966 so it’s vintage and there’s something for everyone. You don’t have to like cars, you can go there for the music or to dress up. It’s one of those events that you can’t not enjoy. EN exhibitionnews.co.uk | November 2018