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ANALYSIS Evvnt talks events EN takes a closer look at a survey carried out by event marketing platform Evvnt, which illustrated what types of event draw the biggest crowds T Business conferences, networking events, workshops and seminars Sporting events Trade Shows Music events Fig. 1 he UK is world-class destination when it comes to hosting and running business events. But for exhibitions, business conferences and networking events, how often do UK adults regularly attend these events? To find out, event marketing platform Evvnt commissioned an independent representative survey of more than 2,000 UK adults to reveal how often people go to business-related events each year, and how much is typically spent there. Evvnt also asked respondents what factors influence whether they will attend an event. The survey found: • 60 per cent of respondents say it comes down to the price of a ticket • 56 per cent of respondents will buy tickets for an event based on how easy it is for them to get to and from the venue • 33 percent will typically go to events if their friends already have tickets • 13 per cent of UK adults want to learn something from an event • 13 per cent will decide to attend an event based on the food that is available, while nine per cent said they usually only buy tickets for events if they know that alcohol will be available. Those figures rise to 19 per cent and 14 per cent respectively among 18-34-year olds. Evvnt founder Richard Green tells EN: “The UK’s events industry is a massive contributor to the economy, and this particularly true when we consider the number of people attending conferences, networking events, workshops and seminars. “While there is evidently a strong appetite for business events, there is also significant competition. Creating a buzz on social media, delivering unique experiences and nailing the online marketing activity are all integral ways of getting people to buy tickets for events and come back again; but the basics of location and price clearly still remain vital factors for luring in potential attendees. “Technology has transformed the way people are able to find and engage with exhibitors, which is why exhibitors at large events need to be aware of the latest trends. This can range from RFID cards to innovative technologies like VR and AR tools – this will enable a business to deliver a really unique experience. What’s more, social media promotion along with broader marketing efforts prior to and during the event are also vital in ensuring maximum value is obtained from the exhibition.” EN Number of respndents who go to at A least one of these events in a year Number of respondents who go to B five or more of these events in a year A B A B 59% 19% A B A B 50% 25% 33% 13% 35% 10% Average number of times UK adults attend one of these events in a year Average cost of tickets, travel and spending for this type of event £38 £57 2.9 £67 1.3 2.4 £36 1.2 event w i f i . com exhibitionnews.co.uk | November 2018 13