Exhibition News May 2019 - Page 5

Welcome Constant evolution T his month has been a timely reminder that nothing in the exhibition industry ever stands still. As I write this, Informa Exhibitions is days away from announcing a rebrand to Informa Markets (but luckily EN has the scoop), and an exciting new chapter in the company’s history. This month’s cover feature (p20) examines the changing security landscape that we all, as an industry, have to address. Events have always been a target and have always had to guard against external threats, and now we have more tools than ever to make sure everyone under our care is safe. Elsewhere in the issue, new launches, venues and products remind us that it’s still possible to be fresh and original in this crowded marketplace. Now, as we enjoy the evolution of spring into summer, let’s take a moment to celebrate the constant stream of innovation and fresh ideas that defines the exhibition industry. Enjoy the issue, and hopefully the sun, Nicola, Editor May — 05